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  1. The leveling bolts are only to take a little wobble out due to my concrete floor when I move it to different positions. I have pieces of hdpe that slip on the end of those bolts to absorb any shock from the actual bolts contacting the floor. Same idea I have used on equipment I have installed in the field that has shock loading or high vibration. So far, only one out of those 4 bolts need to contact the floor to take the extremely small wobble it may have out. I will definately keep an eye out on them though to see if I get any issues with concrete spalling or chipping out due to the conta
  2. New stand I just finished up for my Fisher anvil. 4 x 4's glued and lagged together in groups of threes, then those 3 groups glued and bolted together with 3/8" all thread. Cut out holders on the plasma for some hammers, tongs, pliers and hard hole tools for the top, and and an angle iron frame for the bottom with 4 corner bolts to take any wobble out due to my concrete floor.
  3. I believe it is right around 150#, cannot remember off hand the exact weight. Frosty, its 1 1/8", I do plan on welding in the remain sides to make a hardy hole on that as well.
  4. This is my improvised anvil that I just recently started forging with. Built a steel stand with hammer and tong holders built into it. It is a large roll for a turning machine from a job I had previously had that they were tossing because it had a crack in it at the corner of the keyway slot. It is hardened 4140.
  5. I'll look that one up and post it up there. It sure is heavy and has great rebound without any ring.
  6. Frosty, It definitely works well. Great rebound and no ring! Its 1 1/8" key way, and that has been my plan to may a nice hardy hole out of it. I kind of got distracted last week when I was gifted an 1885 Fisher anvil, now my focus has been on getting a new stand built for it since the log it was on was really soft and un level on the bottom. Going for wood for this stand.
  7. Red, heres a couple pictures of the knife once oiled up. Pictures arent the best, tlmy wife excels on the camera.
  8. SLAG and Thomas The handle is dyed and stabilized maple burl wood. My absolute favorite handle material with so many curls and eyes everywhere. I know exactly what you mean about the torment of lost souls, it is not the first time I have heard someone say something similar. The blade material is 1095. Thanks Daswulf. Gotta get over to my shop to check it out and try out my ASO and the newly acquired free Fisher anvil. Feel like I need to watch you forge some more so I can learn. Red, I appreciate the kind words. I have been doing this for about 2 years, maybe a
  9. Just finished this one up this evening. Just need to oil the handle and finishing sealing it, and oil the blade. Oddly enough this is my first hidden tang that wasnt a Wa style handled kitchen knife.
  10. They make something called a Multi Tool Grinder for bench grinders. I started out making knives with one of them before I built my 2 x 72 grinder, and it did quite well. I think they are reasonably price IIRC and come in different sizes, I used the 2 x 36 and still have it.
  11. Three leg stand for my ASO. I built in 6 hammer holders and 5 tong or plier holders inbetween the legs. The holes on the base plate work well for holders of different things as well.
  12. That is a feed roll for a turning machine that turned 4" diameter titanium. Think the reverse of a lathe, bar was fed into machine with a rotating head that removed the material. Its hardened 4140, 5" thick and 13.5" diameter. The place I worked at before I got laid off due to the pandemic was tossing it due to a crack at the keyway slot. I asked if I could have it and they said yes. It sat on my floor for about a year, and when I couldnt find a decent anvil, I got the bright idea to use it as my anvil. Works quite well, has crazy rebound and doesnt ring.
  13. Hey ummmm, nope, nothing here. Nothing but gratitude for your help getting my burners optimized to the best they could be. Been awhile since I posted, but I did however drop down to the .023 nozzles, and I cannot say how nice the burners work now. I forgot to post the results, since the burners are now in the forge, and most my time has been spent learning to forge things. Thanks again Mikey, I really appreciate the help and patience while working through the issues I had with me.
  14. Just got a great deal on a Fisher. A gentleman that my daughter is in Taekwondo with his son knows I make knives and have recently gotten into forging, approached me and asked if I wanted an anvil. I said of course Im interested, how much would you like for it. Says nothing, Its sitting in my sisters basement and was fathers and Id rather give it to someone who can use it and will use it, but he also said I have no idea what kind it is. Low and behold when I go to pick it up, its a Fisher. I myself have not figured out what its weight is or when it is from, but its a little beat up, but I
  15. I most likely will step down one more, definitely seems to be less of an intense flame ( not sure if that means anything), and oddly much quieter than when I first started. Im going to get my hands on some .023 MIG tips, but the weld ship did not have any for some reason, smallest they had was .025. going to focus on finishing my forge and building a stand for my ASO that im going to use as an anvil for the time being. Thanks again Mikey, could not have gotten this far without all of your help. Phil
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