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  1. I have to agree with arftist. I have a Thermal Dynamics 185 and it does everything well. It has more settings and modes than I need but they are there. I have used other TIGs including a Miller Synchro 250. The TA185 is more user and power friendly and will do aluminum very well in the thicknesses you noted.
  2. I would like to wish everyone and their families a Happy Thanksgiving and thanks to all of the iforgeiron "family" for being such a great group of people.
  3. Ken, I also have the DHC but I use a Hypertherm 1000 with it. Dom
  4. Dragons lair says it very clearly. All of the components, whether built from scratch or from a kit, will cost in that range. Plasma cutting is a dusty dirty process, requiring DRY air , a good electrical system, a computer and a little understanding of CNC control. I bought a PlasmaCam system and have had good results and reliability with it for several years now. I did make an effort to build/buy the proper electrical resources and grounds, air supply and dust control. When buying their system, they outline the internal mods that need to be made for the various top brands of plasma cutt
  5. I'm confused :confused: then what is this? "AWS D1.1 3G GMAW welding certification" The following is a statement from a welding school: "The GMAW or MIG 3G welding certification is one of the most needed welding certifications for anyone who wants to work in manufacturing or fabrication shops. If you don
  6. The larger, L250, gun uses a Tweco 14 tip which is 1/4 -28 but the smaller L100 that is on the 175amp welders is a Tweco 11. That thread size is M6-1.0. When I built my "Frosty" T jet burner, I fabricated the tip holder and had to use an M6 tap to thread the contact tip ( nozzle ). Just to be sure, I just measured one when I got home from work ;)
  7. Tweco tip thread size for Miller welders are 1/4-28 but for Lincolns, I believe they are 6mm.
  8. My guess is ( since the original poster has not answered ) that the original question had to do with justifying how much to spend to get a MIG. Other posters have brought up good technical points but when it comes down to a smaller budget, the gas MIG welder is worth the few extra dollars because both processes can be used when they are called for. I have a gas 230v 175 amp MIG and a 185 amp TIG that also does stick very well. I have the luxury to use the process that fits the project the best. But when you don't have that luxury, at least being able to choose which MIG process allows for
  9. The previous poster touched on the technical differences between the two processes. Are you asking in order to make a determination on purchasing a welder? If so, then I would say buy a MIG with all of the gas accessories. You can then do either. IMO, when you use gas, you will no longer use flux core unless you need extra penetration when welding at the welders max capabilities or you are working outdoors in windy situations and don't have the luxury of blocking the wind. Get the solid wire now. It will cost you more to outfit a flux core later. And buy a reputable brand welder. You will b
  10. It's not his recognition ability, it's the hospital food. I dare anyone to figure out what their eating in a hospital :D Kidding aside, it's great to hear about his progress and we will keep praying.
  11. I check here and pray for Frosty every day. Hearing about his daily gains just shows how powerful collective prayers and thoughts are. I know because they worked for me when I needed them last year after my stroke and now they are working for him. My most sincere wishes go to Frosty for a speedy recovery and to his family for the strength to get through this ordeal. Everybody, keep the thoughts and prayers going.
  12. Watch all of the fabrication shows on TV and to find out what NOT to do Seriously, the above links are great advice. Read the available safety material and take a welding course. A good beginners course will ( should ) start with safety before welding. Taking a course or working with an experienced weldor is invaluable and will help you gain proficiency faster.
  13. You (should) have a PM. Let me know if you can see the pics.
  14. Welcome from another New Yorker. I'm in Pleasant Valley. Your welcome to come see my gas forge. I'm just beginning with blacksmithing but have been metal working for a few years now.
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