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  1. Thanks. One of my friend refer to read welders dictionary. From here i got idea about all welding terms.
  2. Which method of welding is best for welding patch panels? Need Advice
  3. Read welders dictionary it could really help you.
  4. use a thin 6013 on low amperage if you are using a stick welder. do small spots at a time, and let the panels cool so you dont get any distortion.
  5. I found a welding school directory when i browse google, http://www.everlastgenerators.com/welders-schools.php
  6. Wear welding safety equipment while you weld
  7. Hey guys, i am new in welding industry and can anyone tell me what are the basic welding safety should have to take while welding?
  8. It's good to see and need more Funny welding videos.
  9. I am really confused to how welders are welding in under the water?
  10. Hi to All, I'm new to the forum and, while looking through some of the topics, I was interested to read that Pipesmoker has a "Hi Tech" TIG welding machine. I have a Hi Tech HTT 160 ac/dc unit which I bought in 2001. It was used for 3 or 4 hours and put away in storeroom. Last week appeared like a good time to set it all up and do some work again. All the lights come on, pre-gas, HF spark and post gas all work BUT, there is no welding current! Does anyone know if these units can be fixed? Or do I have a traditional rant about "foreign imports" and throw it in the skip? Regards John
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