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  1. Dax, that’s gorgeous! I might have to try that on my next knife (after some practice).
  2. As a boy I made a few knives out of bought blades and antler tines. I used partial tang blades that extended anywhere between one and three inches into the antler and were set with two part epoxy. After a decent bit of abuse, they were all solid. Especially if you pin it, two inches should be fine, three or more excellent.
  3. Thanks. I was frankly shocked by how well it turned out. Question is whether I can replicate it. There are a couple things I’d like to change on the next one- do a different twist style, make the choil much smaller (I didn’t have a needle file when I put it in), do a better finishing job, scroll the end of the handle, and try a more complex spine art. Then of course fit and finish. Overall though, I’m quite pleased.
  4. Despite being insanely busy recently, I got to get out to the forge for an afternoon and make my first knife that I’m really truly proud of. About 2” blade, 4.5” overall. Made from scrap hex shaft and quenched in water. Includes my first twist and my first try at file work on the spine.
  5. Tried to do a squirrel tail, started on some mokume. I think the forge built up a massive clinker, since it slowly just died out. The squirrel tail still needs a ton of work, and the mokume has a delam straight through the center. Too ashamed to post pics now ;). Maybe if I figure out the delam, and when I finish on the knife. Want to try cable Damascus soon, but it sounds like a massive pain, especially with coal.
  6. Believe it or not, I’ve never had an AG wheel shatter. Probably part of it comes from the fact that I always get the thicker ones, so they’re not as high risk. I do always wear PPE, learning from the time a piece of dremel cut off got lodged in my chin (I was still wearing safety glasses then). I imagine a shattering AG is no fun.
  7. Unfortunately, I’m probably going to end up doing it with a 4.5” AG
  8. Got some good stuff in the past couple days. Neighbor had a tree cut down and I made a big upgrade in anvil stands. Went from two rotting pieces of pine strapped together to a several hundred pound maple log. Has plenty of room for my eventual anvil upgrade. Visited the scrapyard for the first time and ended up with 140 lbs, mostly leaf spring with a big coil, some cable, and a huge file. Ended up costing $0.50/lb. more than I would’ve liked, about what I expected. Should last me a very long time once I break it down (a task I do not look forward to. Time to get an abrasive chop saw?).
  9. The trick is to get a "one mile anvil": that is, one that weighs 5,280 lbs. They'd need a fairly large crane to get away with that! Upon further investigation, JD Napiers 6500lb anvil would also suffice.
  10. Sindoc, pnut, I feel ya guys. It’s hot around here. Yesterday, while looking up the weather, I accidentally put in the name of some city in India. Today it’s supposed to be 109 there, with very heavy pollution. Maybe my 85 isn’t so bad after all…
  11. Ted- I dunno what it is, but something about that just lit a spark in me. I absolutely love it.
  12. Did my first real knife grinding. Hard work, but I think it turned out alright. Got it ready for heat treat!
  13. Alright. Thinking about it now, I realize that you can't really brass brush such a large piece. However, it is perfect for highlights, such as on that fireplace. If you have not already, you may want to look into it for accent work.
  14. alexandr- how did you color the chandelier? Is it painted, or brass brushed or something else?
  15. Been really busy. Tried my hand at a squirrel tail knife. Alright in the forging process. We’ll see how the grinding goes.
  16. I don’t understand how you can rationalize such actions. I mean, I’ve caught my shoes on fire several times, but always by accident (typically stepping on a piece of coal that fell out of the forge). Another pro to this method is that you can also lick the 9V to stay awake. Or just lick the lit steel wool.
  17. BB- you could do a wildflower garden instead. Helps the environment, low maintenance, looks better IMHO. Probably frowned upon in some communities...
  18. A while ago, a belt burned up on the riding mower. Asked the neighbor if I could borrow his mower to finish up the job. He neglected to tell me that the thing's brakes don't work... ended up crashing his mower into a tree because it wouldn't stop. The front was busted up (easily fixed with super glue), but more importantly the drive system wouldn't engage. Over the next week, as I prepared to get him a whole new mower, he ended up pushing it into the wall of his garage, somehow fixing it. I suppose all's well that ends well (the only final damages were a couple little cosmetic flaws in the 20 yr old plastic. I filled up the tank as an apology).
  19. That would also work. I just need to find someone to weld, for either cases.
  20. Very Nice, DHarris. I need to make a flatter soon, as I struggle to get my pieces of mokume gane (and everything else) actually flat. I might just have someone weld a steel plate onto a hand sledge head I've got (don't have any stock thick enough to do a flatter, don't have a welder). So many things I want to do and tell myself I'll do soon, so little time at the forge.
  21. Little screwdriver I forged from a garage door spring. Woodturned the handle. Unfortunately, didn’t harden the tip as much as is necessary. Very simple little project.
  22. Crocodiles are typically green or brown (though some are orange or black) have v shaped snouts with teeth showing. Alligators are typically navy blue, brown, or black. They have u shaped snouts with hidden teeth. Caimans are a subgroup of alligators. Gharials are yellow, white, or blue striped and have very long snouts with completely visible needle like teeth. False gharials have elongated snouts, but not as serious as a gharials. They are gray or brown with black spots. But if you want to easily tell the difference, remember this: turtles have shells, crocodiles do not.
  23. MJ- I’ve got a printer and am at least somewhat experienced in OnShape. Been starting air soft recently. Did you design the CAD models? If so, congratulations! They look great! I just might try building one myself...
  24. I was looking into getting something to coat them. For now I’m wearing an n95 respirator while using them. Does that suffice for the time being?
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