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  1. Thanks Frosty, pnut. I'll see if I can find them and shoot them a message. I'll check out your link, pnut. I've got good news, people! I have everything I need for my retort, I just need to assemble it. But in the meantime, I've found another version from Whitlox, that tilts a barrel at 60°, burns wood into coal, and the flames shelter the coals from oxygen. That'll work in the meantime. Horrible grammar, but I have to get back to paying attention to class. Apparently we're turning an orange into an ancient Egyptian mummy on Wednesday.
  2. Joey?! My hero?! Oh my goshhhhhhhhh!!! Hi! Hope you notice me! I'll just consider you a valid source. (I came back a few minutes later.) Sorry about freaking out... I just think Joey is awesome.
  3. So the ground's about to freeze... I won't get an actual bloomery done until the spring probably. I still don't have everything I need for my retort, and I have to admit I was fairly lazy. Written report it is, on the same subject. However I need "valid" sources now. You guys are reluctantly being considered as one source, a local friend of mine as another... I made a youtube playlist of the majority of the videos I've watched of smiths making or refining iron, however I don't think I'm allowed to use that as a source, since they could be invalidating what they're saying... what's your op
  4. I miss the whole conversation when we start a new page... *sigh* I didn't know the conversion there... but I do have a barrel now, so I think it should be fine. I'll work with what I have. I'll post pictures of my progress over the weekend.
  5. I bought the Hookway retort design, and that's just what it said... I don't think it would make that much of a difference I guess.
  6. How hard is it to find a 45 gallon steel barrel?!?! End of rant.
  7. Sorry Thomas, I was a bit slow... I was also slow about realizing that it was in Michigan... so I think I might stick with the scale. Stay safe up there in Alaska, Frosty. Keep your Dutch ovens under lock and key so the bears don't get them.
  8. I missed the entirety of page 3... Dwarves are very crunchy. Also, was this a hint to me, Thomas? Who do I contact, if so?
  9. Ooh, shallots! Great idea! Is there any way to change the title of this thread to "Iron Bloom for History Class; Blacksmiths' Favorite Herbs and Aliums"?
  10. I do have chives on my list, but I forgot about garlic... but I'll probably plant that in my onion plot after they're harvested in the fall anyway. Thanks for the suggestion!
  11. I'll try my best, Fr9sty. That was a genuine accident, but I'll leave ot. It. *sigh*
  12. I just realized the massive typos I made in one of my last posts... It makes me sick... shouty caps CHARCOAL!!
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