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  1. Not a pro welder by any mean by I own and run 5 or 6 welding machines (mig tig arc) between our mill shop and horse farm. Self taught and have the scars to prove it... I do burn on a daily basis from excavator repairs to small tube, stainless etc. rods are cheap and the only reason to use crummy rods is when you ran out everything else ,in a pinch, and only on a non critical repair, knowing it will eventually fail... I do not like giving advice but when asked by beginners I stick with the following line ; cheap tools and supplies can result in an ok job at the hands of a pro ,
  2. For the filter to be full it would have to be lower than the fuel supply or have some sort of lifter pump between supply and filter that would double as a check valve... in essence I think the way you have it set up it will ask the pump to prime at each start and push the air through the nozzle. Probably fine unless once the control "brain box" is in place, the time to evacuate the air and then fire is greater than the time the control allows for lack of ignition before tripping... in other words, if the control allows x seconds for flame sensor to provide input signal confirming ign
  3. Up to not so long ago, a house panel would have all neutral and ground wires on the same bar.... Technically it works fine, until voltage returns through your neutral in which case your ground becomes energized ... separating ground and neutral on panels allows for greater safety...
  4. Jen, just one note regarding the "brain box" those honeywell controls with the reset red button will go into lock out after a few reset attempts in order to prevent the homeowner from filling the chamber with fuel without ignition.. it may be worth trying to do a tech reset before tossing it. I believe the procedure entails pushing the reset button for over 30 seconds, which should clear the fault...
  5. Also, dumb question, looks like there is a Honeywell control box on top of that burner. Would it be in lock out mode ? Pressing the red button too many times will do that and kill power to the pump...
  6. Did you try to "ring" (continuity test) your wires from one connection to another ? It will immediately tell you if you have a bad connection , burnt wire ... having had my head in rather large pieces of industrial equipment for many years my experience is when it suddenly quits after a tweak (adding a switch) the problem is generally the overlooked "dumbest" thing... in most cases at least for me it will send me in a wild goose chase of troubleshooting boards, servos, contactors, and suddenly kick myself in the rear for ignoring the obviously blown glass fuse or main power disconnect of
  7. Biggundoctor ; hammering on the face does not seem to indicate delamination, and rebound is moderate but all I have at hand is a rather small bearing which may affect the results due to the lack of mass. Also, the anvil is set on a welded 4x stand with a piece of 1/4 plate, and a moveable machine base under. This may contribute to the lack of ring since the base is strong but may absorb and not reverberate sound .... Frosty, thanks for the input, will try the vinegar etch.... I could not agree more with you as far as brand vs true fitting tools.... I’ve been in commercial architectur
  8. Thanks Thomas, looks like I got lucky ...
  9. Thanks for all the input ... JHCC ; I did think it is a little" Writish" but considering what it cost me, did not want to be overly optimistic ... like your theory ... Marcus Aurelius ; no other marking that I can see anywhere .... your comment on rebound made me check that again, 24" drop gave me an average of 15" rebound with .5" ball.... PNut ; did get it for peanuts .... (ok that was cheap!) Thomas ; I like your 2-2-27 theory, certainly would explain the 306.5 spacing of the numbers is pretty wide for 27 and not sure it would all fit within the space ...
  10. Hello all, and thank you in advance for your help ... I acquired this anvil a couple years ago for a $ 100 bill, and it has since been parked in a corner of our welding shop. Finally had time to clean it up a little and would like your opinions as to its provenance. it is approximately 32" long, 13.5" high, 5.5" wide table, tips the scale at 306.5 lbs cannot see any obvious line between the body and table. Looked everywhere and the only markings to be found are a 2-7, first number being very difficult to read ; it could be a 3, an 8 , a 2 .... due to its actu
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