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  1. This hammer has found a new home with another forum member. Hopefully he will keep this thread alive as he rebuilds the hammer and gets it back to work!
  2. It was a great time! Our shop will take a bit longer to get back together...
  3. Update on this hammer. Old Motor fell to dead short last year and was replaced with a modern 7.5 hp in the same location. During our hammer-in this year we were forging out a large billet of pattern welded material and the anvil worked loose and laid into proper position! The hammer honesty gets very little use but it is nice to now have it setup correctly.
  4. 4130 will harden to 48 Rc when quenched from critical temperature (around 1500f , right when it becomes non-magnetic) It will harden considerably. More importantly it will change in toughness and the ability to hold form/shape. Normally 4130 aircraft materials are fully annealed at 32 Rc when purchaced with somewhere around 35,000 psi Yield. Heat treated they should show around 180,000 PSI Yield. Stress relieveing is more important then tempering as there is no real need to get below 48 Rc for most applications. 400 deg F for 2 hours post heat treating should be fine. We process around 10,000 lbs of 4130 AV grade stock each year in thicknesses from 20 ga to 1/4 inch. Many people will tell you it is case harden only and cannot be through hardened and they are half right. It will only harden about 1/8" on each side of the material thickness, so stock up to 1/4 inch will fully harden. You must get it up to a non magnetic state to harden it.
  5. Dont forget to get me the dovetail sizing and such. The dies I have look right for you Matt and have a ramp on one side for points. They are in perfect condition.
  6. RIc, dont they only have 6's and bigger? They told me the 4b we have was the last small (yes they said it like that.) hammer they had.
  7. I'm with 'Frank' on this. Can you locate the thread? I'll hunt around.
  8. Right there with you John. Same guys have the 2B parts but at this point if they would just press off the flywheel I have made other arrangements. We would be using the 2b constantly.
  9. I recieved a phone call last night, the machine shop has finally completed the front end work on this hammer. New cushion plug and bushing, truing of the tup, new guide plates(iron this time!) to match the new bore size with bronze pins, weld up and recutting of the dovetail, completely repaired guide ring with steel mounting flange interferance fit and bolted to the existing ring. I expect to be picking up the parts on wednesday.
  10. My 2b muffler is off the hammer if you want to handle one Dave.
  11. We banned Sam from our forums back in the ol myspace days... Now he works here....
  12. So with the motor mechanics rebuilt and cleaned this beast is finally alive. We ran it 2 days during the hammer In with no complications. The anvil is still stuck in position with shims on the dies to get then close to flat. After the event we tweeked it more and I am actually considering shortening the stroke as it is now hitting very hard. Keeping the break tuned in is a bit fiddly only because there was a fair amount of surface rust on the break surface. As it wears in I have had to adjust a fair amount. I am looking to getting some time in on it this weekend.
  13. Getting closer! The guide ring has been rebuilt and has a new solid steel ring pressed and pinned in place The ram has been trued up and has a new cushion plug installed. The dovetails have also been welded up and recut like new. The cushion tower has the new cushion bushing installed We are only needing new guide plates to replace the tool steel ones and a new ring on the cushion tower Hopefully more updates in the next couple of weeks.
  14. On the 4B Nazel Sam is refering to, Yoder removed the dies, the oiler AND THE CUSHION PLUG. The guides were brand new and made from hardened tool steel. They had badly damaged the ram that is now thankfully rebuilt. The guide ring was overheated during a bad repair making the casting extremely brittle. That ring has been rebuilt using a steel ring that will be at least as strong as new. This hammer has now had considerable renovation and is close to going together. It was painted nice and pretty and sold for $5500 from Yoder on ebay. Buyer beware!!!
  15. Pattern embossing on bars is a roll forming operation and is often done cold.