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  1. So after searching high and low and being discouraged by the used market prices. One guy was at $15/lbs on very nice PW, he said the resale value is greater on these? Well I don't intend on selling, so what resale value have to do with it. I pulled the trigger on a new Ridgid Peddinhuas 165, just under $7/lb delivered. It should be here in a couple of weeks. My first anvil yes, my last who knows. I'm guessing this one will last me a lifetime, the boys can fight over it when I'm gone.
  2. Thanks for the incite guys. I've been saving up for a while and can afford a new anvil, but would prefer to spend less and find a good used one. I'll poke around for a while and see what else is on the used market before making a decision.
  3. I'm looking for my first anvil and I'm shocked on the prices of used anvils. I can understand a new Peddinghaus being north of $1000, but some used smaller anvils aren't that far off. Am I missing something about a used (old) anvil? Is it the nostalgia of having an old anvil? Do they posses mystical powers? Can someone help me out here.
  4. Hi All New here, I have zero experience in blacksmithing but I'm eager to learn. I have an need for a creative outlet. I have experience in carpentry, welding, mechanics; but there is something very appealing about blacksmithing. It's the low tech approach using heat, hammer, anvil, steel and brute force. Looking forward to learning from you all.