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  1. BLO is a great and cheat wood conditioner. I cut BLO with mineral spirts (50/50), otherwise BLO takes forever to dry. If you cut it, you will need multiple coats, but dries rather quickly. A word of caution when using BLO. There is a real fire hazard if rags aren’t disposed of properly.
  2. A 110v welder will draw twice the amps of a 230v welder, given the same output voltage. The new inverter welder make very good use of current. You might be surprised what one of the cheap little Chinese 230v welder can do with 20A. I don't know what your budget it but I would look at a multi function machine. Mig is so much cleaner and easier to do that arc. If you don't have a bottle for shielding gas, use flux core wire. Good Luck.
  3. I have an Everlast PP205SI, it's a good multi process machine. Not as good a the blue or red ones, but it does what I ask it to do. If you have a budget, I wouldn't hesitate to buy an Everlast. I always thought that mig was much easier and cleaner process than arc. You should look at the Power IMig 140, about the same money as the Power Arc 140. If you don't have a bottle, use flux core until you can get a bottle. The 140 stick is a dual voltage machine, you only get 80A on 110v, the 140 mig is a 110v machine with 140A. With 140A, you should be able to weld 1/4" to 5/16" in a single pas
  4. So after searching high and low and being discouraged by the used market prices. One guy was at $15/lbs on very nice PW, he said the resale value is greater on these? Well I don't intend on selling, so what resale value have to do with it. I pulled the trigger on a new Ridgid Peddinhuas 165, just under $7/lb delivered. It should be here in a couple of weeks. My first anvil yes, my last who knows. I'm guessing this one will last me a lifetime, the boys can fight over it when I'm gone.
  5. Thanks for the incite guys. I've been saving up for a while and can afford a new anvil, but would prefer to spend less and find a good used one. I'll poke around for a while and see what else is on the used market before making a decision.
  6. I'm looking for my first anvil and I'm shocked on the prices of used anvils. I can understand a new Peddinghaus being north of $1000, but some used smaller anvils aren't that far off. Am I missing something about a used (old) anvil? Is it the nostalgia of having an old anvil? Do they posses mystical powers? Can someone help me out here.
  7. Hi All New here, I have zero experience in blacksmithing but I'm eager to learn. I have an need for a creative outlet. I have experience in carpentry, welding, mechanics; but there is something very appealing about blacksmithing. It's the low tech approach using heat, hammer, anvil, steel and brute force. Looking forward to learning from you all.
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