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  1. spacesmith haha i like the sound of that
  2. I will have to check out big dog forges video.Thanks for the suggestion. Frosty that must have been so cool. I hope to one be an astronaut so I would to get to see something like that. JHCC dont worry ill wear a mask while I produce carbon monoxide inside with all the doors closed. I mean what could go wrong?
  3. No sadly but if it's too underpowered I'll just hook up my dads f250 v10 to the pump. should work fine.
  4. After reading your message at least 3 times I think I under stand what you're saying. 1 the actual peak hp output of a gas motor will be slightly less than its rated for due to friction and 2 a gas motor will not be running constantly at its peak hp like an electric motor would be and 3 whoever decided how to label motors wanted to make everything harder for everyone. I think that I am going to get either a 4 or 5 hp electric motor to replace the broken gas motor if I cant fix it. if I get really impatient maybe ill hook and old 17 hp riding lawnmower engine haha ;-) Thanks -Caleb
  5. thanks for the replies. I did not do a good job of asking this question but I was more wondering if the equivalent electric motor hp (2 hp) would be enough to get the same tonnage from the splitter. I am very happy with 25 ton so I am not looking to get any more power out of it just to maintain the same power rating and not under power it. Iam not sure if the pump is 2 stage or not but i can probably find out. thanks -caleb
  6. I am currently in the process of building a press from I beam and the hydraulics from a log splitter. The log splitter I'm looking at picking up has a 6 hp gas motor that is broken. I don't know if it's repairable or not but I'm assuming not. The splitter is rated for 25 tons. With all that prefacing out of the way here is my question: is 6 gas hp enough? most presses I've seen use a 5 hp electric motor which if what I've read is right would be a 15 hp gas motor. Does this mean that most log splitters run at a lower psi (due to lower torque) or am I missing something. Thanks
  7. Glad to be here! thank you for explaining that to me. I've heard alot of differing info so that helps clear things up.
  8. I believe ram speed is generally dependent on gpm through the cylinders. If your running a 3 phase motor connected to your pump than my understanding is that you can speed up or slow down the ram speed by controlling how much hydraulic fluid is going through the system. I’m sure there are hydraulic control valves out there that control the flow speed as well as the flow direction but I would imagine those are more expensive. You could also in theory put a flow control valve in between your main directional control and your resovoir/pump I don’t know much about that but hydraulics and pneumat
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