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  1. Thank you very much Glenn and Frosty. I will look more into the JABOD forge. As you said, Glenn, it won't be my only forge, so that would make sense. Also, thank you for the tip on blowers, Frosty.
  2. Alright, I'm starting my first forge build and need some pointers. I have done some research on the forum so far and have a few ideas, but I'm not 100% sure on some parts. I am using an old welding table as the base for my forge, picture below. It has some pretty thick steel as the top and should work nicely. Plus, was gonna use a brake drum at first but have some scrap lying around I can use to create a large coal forge, (Although I won't be making many large items at first, figured it wouldn't be a super bad idea.). It is 29" wide and 19.5" deep. I'm aiming for a coal forge
  3. I gave her a ear scratch for ya Frosty. I thought you might be talking just about practicing with mild steel, wasn't 100% sure though. Thanks for the clarification. - Wyatt
  4. Thank you, Frosty. Her name is Rossi, named after Rossi firearms. She's my newest woods budy. - Wyatt
  5. No disrespect meant, sir. I've learned all my skills via my mistakes, and the occasional mistake from others. I'm here to learn, so I'll listen. - Wyatt
  6. I know that, never said anything against that. I just wanted to say I never started. If I need to learn them for forging, I can and will. I guess what I call stock-removal is just cutting out the blade from a plate of steel. What you're talking about I'd consider just fit and finish. (Besides grinding the bevels. Kinda significant...) Might be wrong though. (Per usual.) I did look up the 51200, and definitely seems like it might be a bad steel to just start out with. I'll find some mild steel. Never realized you could use that. (Should've though, it's steel after all...) Thanks! -
  7. I never even started it, hence the reason I was just gonna go for forging. The steels I have are stuff like 52100 and O1, so I believe I'll be able to use those. Thanks! - Wyatt
  8. Thank you Old Crew. I'll look into that ThomasPowers. - Wyatt
  9. I had read a little bit, need to go back. Thanks! - Wyatt
  10. Howdy friends! Wyatt here. I'm an aspiring blacksmith wanting to learn some, so will be doing a large amount of reading here! I originally was gonna do stock removal, but with stock removal you can'y make the variety of tools I wanted to make, plus, I just love making stuff with my hands, so I knew I had to tinker around with some of it. So far I was on another forum edit asking around, but it's guided mainly towards outdoor skills and such, and while there are some blacksmiths on there, I figured I'd find an actual blacksmithing forum to join. - Wyatt
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