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  1. Hi yes I did what was suggested but large cracks started to form all through the forge, I think there must have been small ones already there. And I have decided on the NC tool company whisper daddy forge, thanks.
  2. G'day, I recently bought my self a pro forge 200 and have run into a bunch of troubles with it, first thing was it had no lining on the door, and once I got that sorted it started falling apart, and it's only been used 10 or so times. I'm hoping the supplier will refund me. Question is does anyone have any recommendations for a new forge? I need it for forge welding large pieces of steel and horseshoes, making horseshoes, and hot shoeing. Thanks in advance.
  3. Lol all good mate, i found a place here which sells sellys fireproof cement, but its saturday arve so I'llhave to wait until monday, but i need to get the rigidizer online.
  4. No but i can order some, just dont want order the wrong thing.
  5. So just got my kao wool, what do i use to makenit stick to the door? Sorry for dumb questions but i have zero idea what im doing.
  6. Thanks. Spoke to stockmans supplies where i bought the forge and they are sending me some kaowool for free. Probably be a week before its here though. Im guessing that hole in the front of the door shouldn't be covered?
  7. Ok, wow this is all very technical lol.
  8. Ok so i need kaowool and rigidizer, anything else? I'll be ringing my supplier to let them know i got a dodgy forge
  9. Hmmm strange mine isn't lined. Will need to see where i can buy kool wool and do it my self.
  10. Mine only has 1 port on the left which i covered with a brick, ill take it out tomorrow and try again. And the door isn't lined, should it be?
  11. That's $1700 AUD nothing cheap here unfortunately. That was after about 45 minutes of forging. My forge never came with anything to block off the hole so i put a brick in there. I'll keep playing around with it and hopefully get some results soon.
  12. So it was advertised as one of the best farriers forges on the market and so far i can't forge weld in it and shouldn't mount it in my ute. Think i wasted my $1700 lol.
  13. Oh ok no worries, thanks mate.
  14. Thanks mate, i might try to put something over the hole to stop some heat getting out today.
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