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  1. Ok so I cut it off at 5" and tried to upset it to create some shoulders which didnt really work for me. I flattened and flared out the service end which turned out alright. It wound up being a flat side hot cut rather than a peaked. I still need to clean it up.
  2. It is my first hardy, actually my first tool. I have started with a 1" round bar 40" long of 1045. I have tapered it down to 3/4" to fit my anvil and it slides in to about 1.5 ". The rod is too tall to upset on my anvil so I need to cut a piece off. Q1. how much do I need above the shank? 3-4 inches or more?
  3. The handle is an old antique wooden handle. I don't think it seems oversized to my hand. What is sabering can you give me a quick run through.
  4. Ok so this afternoon I ran the forge for an hour and hammered my first spike in to something resembling a knife shape(to me anyway). The forge ran well and the refractory actually was glowing a soft orange. Q1. is that expected? I am assuming yes. Q2. I am trying to draw out some length and width while battling the tendency to twist. Any advice? I need to work on my grip strength cause after swinging the 2lb hammer for an hour I can barely type this message... haha
  5. Ok I will look in on the kiln shelf. I couldn't wait I went back outside. It took less than 8 minutes and the spike was red hot.
  6. ahhhhhh, haha yes I should have known that. Yes I do plan on doing that. I still have to learn how to weld
  7. Ok I will move back the burners. What would be a better floor, I was thinking that using the brick would allow it to be replaced easily later. and I'm not sure what you mean by "You need angle on the forge face to use bricks to control heat loss."
  8. 20# propane forge is operating Kaowool, refractory cement and plistix. double sidearm 3/4" burners with stainless flares. Good blue flame seems to jump out a good 2 or more inches. Q1. How long should a single railroad spike take to heat up to forging temp? Avg.. just to have something to expect or compare too. Q2. Should the stainless flares get red hot or does that mean I should get them pulled back a little more? Q3. Flames run blue but have an occasional orange flame puff and then continue blue. Does this mean something else needs adjusting?
  9. I am just going by what I was told by the man I bought it from. I am not really sure myself I will get some pictures of the identifying Mark's later.
  10. I havent used it yet but I am almost ready. Its 107lb European anvil
  11. no I wasnt saying that. I am just starting to try this as a hobby and would like to learn from someone. but I do have a job that has me on the road a lot and dont want to inconvenience a professional
  12. looking to learn from any hobby Smith's near Peterborough Ontario
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