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    Throwing knives, making walking canes and staffs, making Harry Potter type wands and wand holsters. Assembling knives from blanks.

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  1. That thing looks like it was made for de-smoking buildings or ventilating low oxygen spaces. But like the others said, if you use this for a forge, neighbor relationships are going to suffer badly. Being the curious kind, what is that blower used for?
  2. I worked on and taught troubleshooting and repair of Mobile Electric Power Plants in the Navy for about 20 years. 120 VAC 400 freq, 220 VAC 400 freq, 440 VAC 400 freq. Also developed computer based training for the Military on the same gear. But I suck at house current. I'll figure it out with a little help from my friends on IFI.
  3. I got an electric air mover from Amazon. Hardwired a 16 ga. 25 ft extension cord to it using a power strip as a switch. Plugged the male end into the power strip, flipped the switch on and it blew like a small hurricane. Then I got fancy and attempted to wire a variable speed switch between the motor and power strip. When I flipped the switch again I got a nice flash from my vari speed switch but the motor kept running. My wife tripped out with the flash thought the house was burning down. I then read the instructions a little more carefully, they said "Some configurations require an EAR
  4. She's getting an IFI shirt as soon as we get back from our trip. Me too for that matter. The dog's name is Holly Noel Kelly at the Vet. We just call her Holly. She was a Christmas gift. Smart too, here she is playing Monopoly. No....she can't roll the dice herself.
  5. I found out I will miss the Dark Angel meeting. The boss has me going to California. Yes that's right, the land of wild nuts. I plan to stop off in Texas for a few days to look at some properties. Planning to move there soon. Up around McKinney. I would like to take Swamp Wood with me. I'll feel like a fish out of water and I don't want to loose my Manphibian status either.
  6. Softcoated Wheaten Terrier. She's an inside dog, got her paws blistered walking on hot pavement one day. Now she loves shoes. Go figure. For that matter she likes clothes of all kinds, shirts, hats and she won't shake them off. She's a hoot on Halloween with her witch's hat.
  7. So.......what is a good medium for quenching. Personally I wouldn't use old motor oil the viscosity will not be uniform and contain unknown contaminates. I'm not interested in brine infused fluid, just a good, dependable quenching agent.
  8. Why would one need such a large vise? Yes I'm ignorant of such things cause I'm new here. I have a small bench vise but it is a good vise, the jaws open six or more inches wide. How big of a vise do I need?
  9. Though I am new here, I have a vast base of technology and you've put together a great forge here. Well designed. Thanks for posting this thread. I am planning my first forge and expect it to be similar to your's. I may have to wait a while to tackle this project because I'm preparing to move soon. I'm going to learn all I can and build my forge at my next location. I'm moving from Florida to Texas. I just hope I shrivel up and die from a lack of water out there.
  10. I would be interested the benefits of one brand to another. Or does it matter. Thus far I've been advised find a heavy piece of metal and use it for an anvil until I can get something better. Yet I've seen pics of anvil with attachments being used to bend hot iron during the forging process. It seems this thread has lots of anvils found and asking for help to identify them, but little on anvil usage. What are the different parts of the anvil used for, why are some shaped differently. If I spend the cash for an anvil, I'd like to know why I'm buying a particular type of anvil. Or is that
  11. Charles that is a nice looking jig. And the side grinder...I'm picking it up today at HF. Glen, the only meeting I may be able to make is the one at Dark Angel in Pompano Beach. That is less than two hours from my house. How far do most forgers travel to go to an event?
  12. Oh goody, I get another trip to HF. Ahahahagh! I'm fortunate my wife likes the place as much as I do. Belt grinder and 4.5 in. side grinder it is. Thanks guys.
  13. Thank you for this info, because I would have bought a bench grinder and used it. You've helped me avoid a grave mistake. I looked at a rigid side grinder yesterday. Didn't even think about using it for removing stock. I've used them to prep our gear for painting. We worked with tow tractors designed to tow naval air craft like F-14s, F-18s, and so forth. Real heavy steel constructed. I hope a side grinder and an angle grinder are the same. Tool nomenclatures can vary. I've attached a photo below. Is this what you are suggesting?
  14. MC Hammer, break it down. Sorry had to say it. And you did. Regarding HF, if I understand you correctly I need to shape the striking face of the hammer similar to a rounded Ball Peen Hammer. I need to get a couple more things as well. I'm starting from scratch. No bench grinder, no welder, heck I don't even have a proper hammer. I've learned a lot the last couple of days which is good. Thanks for your time.
  15. Thanks, I have one of those tubs but it is for the boss' alovera plant. Getting another tube is easy. Sounds like I need to make a trip to harbor freight to get a hammer and glove and maybe some tongs. Thanks for your time.
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