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  1. When I was doing tests on this i had the corn way to wet, it was at like 19ish but I’d say ten or less would work
  2. My school has a shop class... mostly a wood shop because my teacher dosent like metals very much but he still teaches us how to use the machines properly and safely. We had to start doing the great spring cleaning early because we are building s brand new shop and gym. Pretty excited to use all the new equipment.
  3. Daswulf that’s exactly what i had in mind for it
  4. Jeremy, how would you mount it? I was thinking of welding a stand so i had access to rotate it but not sure.
  5. Frosty, thanks for that! As you said coil springs i just forged my first knife in the school shop out of one from a pickup truck. Vaughn, as you said a small anvil for public demos i have been using a small chunk of railroad track i cut with the torch and put a small horn on it. It has seeved me pretty well but i needed bigger.
  6. Not sure, the guy said it was really xxxxxxxx heavy.
  7. So i was looking around and found a rock crusher anvil from the 90s. I wanted to know if it was worth buying. Or if anyone has seen somthing like this
  8. Funny thing is my aunt has a cat named merlin also. He has a giant tail and a little magician gotee
  9. Yeah, i think im going to get a bunch of stiff from the guy. He has a ton more anvils forges and other stuff he also has coal but before i buy anything, i need money
  10. I did some looking around. I couldnt find a set list of “rules” but i think i got the idea.
  11. I call it tooling around I go to all the little stores and look around for deals I convinced my dad to let me go see what the guy wants He wanted 4-5 usd per lb
  12. Couldnt find them. I had to leave because my dad has somthing to do later
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