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  1. Updated my bottom die last night. I figured an old sledge hammer would be my best option for material at the moment. Also made them interchangeable. Also shined up an old 6lb sledge for the top die. Works way better then the 3lb obviously, and the drill doesn't seem to have any problems swinging it. Hopefully have a cool video of it making money later today.
  2. Thomas - That's a heck of a friend! I would of been happy to pay for a few meals also! Heck 75 is a deal! I bet you had alot of good memories wandering back in the 80s! I was just a twinkle in my parents eyes as they say haha. I've been keeping an eye out for a hammer for a while now but i don't think they're very common here in the central us. Or im not friends with the right people!
  3. Tell him I'll give another 50 and trade haha
  4. setlab - Thanks it was a fun project for sure. And the only thing i didn't have laying around was the keyed shaft collar for the big sprocket! My $15 power hammer haha
  5. Haha well it's always nice to have the boss on board, thanks. I originally built the drill control to run my rotary table as a weld positioner. Haha yeah thatd be cool, everyone tells me i need to put it on youtube
  6. See above post haha, it's got quite a bit of flex If needed
  7. https://www.instagram.com/lindenstein_machine/ if the other link won't work you can get to my main page here. It's the most recent post
  8. Thanks! There's not much you can't power with a good drill!!
  9. Thanks frosty.My profile on Instagram is public so you should be about to check it out. I've barely had a chance to play with it yet so i can't give you a very accurate answer as far as run time but the 10-15 minutes i used it the gauge on my battery didn't move.
  10. Thanks, Ive barely gotten a chance to use it yet. Maybe about 10 minutes tops but so far i love it. It hits harder and faster then i can. I have a few changes to make but it's pretty impressive for being powered by a drill
  11. Thought some of you might find this interesting, I was tired of my shoulder hurting so I whipped up a little power hammer. Not sure how to upload videos so I'm putting a link to the video I posted on my Instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/BsZsD8fgkNP/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=1cdx1lumuiqyd
  12. L-M&F

    First forge build

    Finally had a chance to get the box welded up and do a quick test run on a small piece of 1" cold rolled round. I recon it'll do what i need! Need to get the legs on it in the morning and get going on this railing. I'll modify as i need as the jobs demand but overall in fairly happy with it.
  13. L-M&F

    First forge build

    In the pictures, no there's 1/4" spacers between the bricks and shell. But i have a one ordered...
  14. L-M&F

    First forge build

    I got a chuck on order, and borrowed a chuck from a friend to drill smaller holes in some new plugs. My main burner tube is 3/4 the tees are 3/4-1" should i start with smaller then .030 do you think? My original plan was to use mig tips but my local hardware store had nothing small enough to thread. Maybe i should just drill and tap those plugs
  15. L-M&F

    First forge build

    Got my parts all tacked up, feeling like a kid the night before Christmas again. Anxious to get the rest assembled and try it out/ get my burners where they need to be. This is all a learning experience for me and if it's successful at getting this job done but needs changes then so be it. I know 1/4" plate is overkill but it was left over from other jobs and is paid for