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  1. Dirt tamper as starter anvil

    Thanks CRS.
  2. Dirt tamper as starter anvil

    I will be using to make knives and decorative items to accent my wifes woodworking projects, nothing really extravagant I was wondering shall I say the most effective set-up to induct air into a molded refractory lined 55 with a third of the drum cut off from the capped end. I will be using a hand cranked blower or may just use the keep it simple stupid method and use an old hair dryer. But I'd like to be able to use it for larger projects as well without major modifications having to be made. I will predominantly be using coal but charcoal on occasion. (Homemade)
  3. Dirt tamper as starter anvil

    How do you like the JABOD? May build one of those as well just for something portable.
  4. Dirt tamper as starter anvil

    Thanks for all the seemingly HILARIOUS,! quips and remarks but if i have to define the word "best" for you, it's possible you're not the person I would be accepting advice from. I stated it's a 55 gallon drum forge, "best", in this context would mean MOST PROFICIENT... and or reliable.. I'm sure you have all the answers I'm seeking. Also where can I get one of these cars that travel to the outer reaches of space you speak of? I've tried and tried in my f250 but for some odd reason it never works and my insurance keeps going up..
  5. Dirt tamper as starter anvil

    what would be the best set-up for the 55 solid fuel forge? a side blast or a bottom blast? I have a pretty good plan for the bottom blast that will produce a really nice fire pot but ive heard negatives about both styles. I wanted to do the bottom blast just for the ease of cleaning out the ash and I will be mainly using charcoal or coal. any other forms of solid fuel recommended would be greatly appreciated. And also another thing how well would it work out if I mounted the anvil directly into the ground? I have a portion of my shop with a nice solid clay type soil that will be able to support it nicely but im concerned about energy loss. Has anyone ever attempted this type of mounting? I would obviously be building up the ground where I plan on mounting the anvil itself so I can have a comfortable working height. Maybe burying a cinder block or two underneath and on both sides then burying them with the solid clay packed around the cinder blocks and the steel plate im using as the anvil. does this sound like a good idea? Im not planning on moving the anvil so mobility isn't a concern.
  6. Dirt tamper as starter anvil

    Here's a top view. I'm happy with it I think it's got potential.
  7. Dirt tamper as starter anvil

    Just picked her up..
  8. Dirt tamper as starter anvil

    Looks good. What do you have it mounted on?
  9. Dirt tamper as starter anvil

    Ok I'll send you a pic when I pick it up and before I do anything to I'll let you look it over because I know at one edge it has rounded corners already. I can just radius those edges I believe and it'll be a great starting point.
  10. Dirt tamper as starter anvil

    Ok perfect this has all been very helpful information. After I get it set-up and weld on my horn I'll post some pictures I was just looking over the plans from the site you mentioned before and that is exactly what I needed to know.
  11. Dirt tamper as starter anvil

    So you're saying add the 1" plate with the hardy hole cut into it and the pritchet hole to the 3" I just purchased? Or just use the one inch separate? I have to buy a torch but I think I'm tracking what you're saying.
  12. Dirt tamper as starter anvil

    I just got a 12"x3"x24" chunk of solid steel from the scrap yard. Weighs 227lbs for 100$. I think it' going to be perfect just got to mount it on something now after I go back and pick it up.
  13. Dirt tamper as starter anvil

    That' what I've got I've just been using a hair dryer so far but was actually looking at the air mattress pumps just yesterday. What is a good refractory mix? I've just been using fire brick so I'm losing a lot of heat. I saw quite a few different compounds but I want one that's proven and effective.
  14. Dirt tamper as starter anvil

    I'm working on the forge, I'm going to go with the 55 gallon solid fuel to start with. If I have questions I'll definitely reach out to you. Thanks for all the help.
  15. Dirt tamper as starter anvil

    I work in the steel industry so I'm in machine shops ect. All day so I'll reach out to some of my customers. Awesome, thanks Charles.