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  1. Reading Mr. Rotblatts ' comments above makes me think I may have committed a faux pas. He quoted Irondragon warning about not staring into the fire in this conversation. I had mentioned Frosty instead. That's only because I read that comment from Frosty a few months back and that is what sticks in my head when I'm in the shop. I apologize if it appears I wasn't giving credit where credit is due
  2. I can attest to all the above. I raised a bottle baby in the house til he was about 3 months old. He was born in the dead middle of January and his dam didn't want him. He belonged to my father in law and he didn't have the time for a bottle baby, so he went home with me. Too cold for him outside without a mother. He became close with my smallest dog and she would clean him and play with him. But as he got older, the puddles and poop got bigger, so it was time to go outside into warmer weather. He had to learn to become a goat because he thought he was a dog. I wouldn't advise doing this if you can help it though. It's a LOT of work for one thing. And bucks tend to like attention a lot and when you have a bottle fed one, they don't have any fear of you at all. When they get mature, they can become a problem or even downright scary. I ended up having to sell him because he got out of control. He's the second bottle buck I've had that turned out like that.
  3. Yep my goats know a red or black bucket means time to go back in the pen. Or if I hollar "Goats!" real loud, it's time to eat and they come running in all their awkward looking glory
  4. The waiting game is a long one when it comes to livestock. Unless you have a huge established herd. Which I don't either. Not enough land to sustain the amount I'd like to have. My plan is for cheese and soap making also. I hope your doe recovers quickly from the mastitis. Thankfully, I've never had to deal with that
  5. SLAG: when I first started, I was very impatient and had a hard time letting the piece get up to heat and I took it out all the time. So I started thinking, just let it soak and leave it alone. So until you pointed out what I could do, it never occurred to me to just take it out and look for a second. Thank you and my eyes thank you too. Happy birthday Mr. Curious. Hope you have many more. I'm 46 myself and out of commission at the moment because I hurt something in my back a couple of days ago. So understand the back thing
  6. Very nice. A great example of using what ya got
  7. Olfart Those are good looking goats! Do you milk them? Mine are meat goats, so not so good for that. We looked into Nubians for milk, but decided we may go with Nigerians because they are supposed to have a higher butterfat content than nubians. And a lower feed bill is always a bonus
  8. My gas forge sits on the frame of a barbecue grill with wheels. I can move it, but it sits low. I find myself stooping down to be able to see what's going on and it makes me think of Frosty warning about not staring into the forge because it can cause damage to your eyes. I'm going to figure something out to raise mine
  9. Oh yeah I can agree with that I usually manage to get the"we had an anvil, but just sold it" speech
  10. I wonder how many people at these auctions are the ones buying up blacksmithing equipment, then putting them up for sale at big prices? Nothing wrong with turning a profit. But it makes it harder for the folks who want them to actually use
  11. I saw an ad for someone giving away goats because they were climbing on cars. It said " Come get the d#%@ things and you can have them!" We have goats, rabbits and chickens and we sell eggs and meat rabbits and have raised bed gardens. Most everyone likes to tour the farm when they come. Occasionally, I'll get someone with kids who'll stop by and ask if they can look at the" bunnies". I enjoy seeing the kids light up when they interact with the critters.
  12. Jlpservices: Seeing ýou post makes me think of a few days back to the conversation about your videos. Just wanted to say, I like the split screens because I can see what both hands are doing instead of just the hammer hand. Your whole format is good just the way it is. Thanks for being so helpful to the blacksmithing community. No time in the shop today. Went to a gun show. There were 4 bladesmiths there and I talked to all except one. He had been on forged in fire and his booth was pretty busy as he was sharpening knives for people. But I talked to one extensively and there may be a little business opportunity for what I do. I'm not a bladesmith. So I may pursue it and see what happens if anything. As always, I really enjoy looking at everyone's contributions and comments.
  13. Das: it's great you got an order for those cigar picks. I've never heard of them either. Learn something new every day
  14. That must have been a sight to see! This doe is the Princess of the group. Her mother is the Queen. Jack, the dog, started out trying to play with her. That didn't fly and they've not liked each other since then. Sometimes she'll put him on the ground. But thankfully, she doesn't try to do any more damage to him. And don't feel bad about not rembering names. Especially when it's a bunch of the same kind of animal. I have 20 breeder rabbits and I get them mixed up all the time