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  1. Newbie from wisconsin

    I found a large number of posts. I should've searched before posting the response. Spur of the moment I guess.
  2. Newbie from wisconsin

    Ah. Thank you.
  3. Newbie from wisconsin

    I am actually leaning more towards a knife making hobby. What do you mean by dress the hammer face? Also thanks for the deeper fire tip Glenn.
  4. Newbie from wisconsin

    Well guys I built a very crude 55 forge, using an old disc brake, blower from a wood stove, and a rock haha. I used charcoal briquettes to start, then continuously fed burned down firewood coal. I know there is a lot wrong with the build, this was just to see if I would enjoy this as a continued hobby. I'll say mission successful. I hammered a half inch bolt down to a crude wedge. I plan to build a coffee can forge with a Frosty T Burner. Was a fun afternoon.
  5. Newbie from wisconsin

    Great input. Thank you woodnmetal
  6. Newbie from wisconsin

    Ok. Thank you very much. I should note that I am a maintenance mechanic, and am handy with lathes, mills, plumbing, electrical, and stuff like that. So building a propane style forge wouldn't be difficult for me. I looked up the Frosty T burner, and it seems simple enough. Just wasn't sure if the propane method would be cost effective.
  7. Newbie from wisconsin

    I was thinking of building a wood charcoal forge, because I've come to find that coal is hard to get around here. There is a dealer down around portage, but not ready to drive that far just yet. How much propane do you usually go through? As in a BBQ grill size tank. Think they're 20lb
  8. Newbie from wisconsin

    Awesome. Thank you Glenn
  9. Newbie from wisconsin

    If there are any smiths in my area willing to "show me the ropes", I'd be on board with that. Although, I haven't heard of anyone in my area that does forging. I will surely look through the solid fuel forge section. Thanks again!
  10. Newbie from wisconsin

    Thank you Daswulf Plan is to find a small inexpensive centrifugal blower that can get the job done. I will probably be starting with a drum brake type forge. I don't have a lot of starting cash, but the wife says I need a hobby haha.
  11. Newbie from wisconsin

    Hello smiths, As in the title, I am new to smithing, but have been interested in manipulating metal for many years. I grew up on a farm as a kid so finding ways to be handy has become second nature to me. I've been researching around your site for various forge designs, and ways to do things. I'm planning to start with a small coal forge, and see how I enjoy it. Any input is greatly appreciated, and thank you for having me. North.