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  1. Well here’s the pair I forged it’s my first pair that I’ve done myself
  2. A friend of mine gave them to me. He said that it was his great great great grandfathers that he used in his shop.
  3. I recently received a set of antique colonial flat bit tongs. The tongs are in moderate condition for being that old one of the reins is just bent and wavy but the other has several cracks less than halfway down from the rivot I was thinking about taking off the broken piece and forging a new one so I can use them again. I hate seeing tools just sitting there and doing nothing. But is it a good idea for something so old? - Sergey
  4. I'll try the kerosene and brush method and what type of oil should I use
  5. I've had this blower for a bout a year now and its worked fine up until now when the gears have gotten completely stuck. It happened when i tried to put grease on the gears to stop a dull clanking noise which I now realize was pretty dumb of me. I need some help to figure out how to fix it. I've stripped it down the best I could to try to clean it but there is one screwy thing (for lack of a better word) that won't come out. If any one has any ideas that would help a lot. thanks
  6. I recently bought a coal forage table with the blower attached and whenever i crank the handle a really loud noise comes from the gears and i was wondering how to muffle that noise.