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  1. Hello all, recently I bought a Ridgid Peddinghaus anvil, 55lb. So far the anvil is a workhorse! The rebound on it is perfect and it rings like nothing else! I'm working on my second Knife.
  2. I'm in Plant City, Fl it's close to Tampa, I will see if I can get in touch with FABA for coal, and I will look into barberville pioneer
  3. Man oh man! I'm in need of some coal and can not find any. I'm in Florida so it's hard for me to get some besides eBay and they're proud of their coal! I keep reading that people are buying their coal for $50/ton! It's crazy and I would love to be able to buy from someone that can ship. If anyone knows where I can buy some please let me know!
  4. $250 for it is a good price, for learning eventually if I feel the need to upgrade I could resale it for double what I bought it for. No sledges on it lol; the biggest hammer is going to be a 3 pounder
  5. Thank you for the advice, from what I can see its definently a forged anvil. I'm going to look today and will let you know if I bought it, clean it up and take better pictures so we can identify it easier.
  6. Could anyone tell me the brand of this anvil, I'm sure it's a hay budden 150lb, seller wants $250 for it with the tools, tongs and cobblers. Let me know if it's worth the price.
  7. I'm going to be knife-making and the occasional sword. He's throwing the tools in for free.
  8. I'm thinking of picking up this 150lb anvil, the man I'm thinking of buying it from says he thinks that it's a "Hayden" anvil but look like a "Hay-Budden" to me; he's selling it for $250 for me because I've already bought items from him. I would like to know if it is a good price. He also has a hardy tool, some cobbler tools, and tongs for forging.