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  1. I asked about using a 1" T with a reducer bushing in another thread because I have them laying around. The concern was turbulence at the transition and that was confirmed by the burner experts that the transition would not be smooth enough and disrupt the induction of the burner. I found 1 at a plumbing supply store and Ace Hardware here has them too. Good luck.
  2. I am in the process of collecting parts for a 20 gal. propane tank build which will use a t-burner. I think I might have a way to make adjusting the gas jet easier without adding complexity to the design. I hope to get the burner put together in the next couple days. Sorry for the highjack, I will start my own thread with the build. now back to our regularly scheduled program....
  3. Thanks for these excellent write ups. I am In the process of gathering parts and knowledge to put together a 20 lb bottle build and In my searches for information I have seen a.lot of contradictory information and 'rules.of thumb'. These write ups on theory help to explain the how and.why It works and help me to weed through the fact and fiction on the Internet to make informed decisions with my build. Thanks again.
  4. We're going to keep fixing it til it's broke.
  5. I am new to the site and to blacksmithing but as I research and read through the threads on here I find myself getting xxxxxx by some posters. I'm going XXX I've read the answer to this in three different threads already. Or when you give an answer then the same question gets asked again a couple of posts down. I think a lot of it is this younger generation wants instant gratification instead of investing the time to research. I have seen this happen in other forums also and some of those guys are even brutal to a stupid post.
  6. Have you tried this design using a 1" T with a 1 x 3/4 reducer bushing or a 1 x 3/4 reducing bell for the chase? I ask because I have these parts readily available at an excellent price (free). I would think a bell would affect the tuning. Not sure how much turbulence the bushing might introduce. Thanks
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