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  1. Sorry about the delay in messaging back. Computer needed some work and a tuneup. But i am back and getting ready to get after the build. After looking at the ribbon burner I think that may be my setup. Thank you wayne for the post. I went to your site and if ok will be calling or emailing you with an order soon.
  2. sorry about the message in an old thread.But this is exactly what I think I need. <<<>>> Has anyone made this formula in the 5yrs, and how did it work. Where else can I get bead foam? For the hot face do you let the first part dry then press on the half inch hot face and let it air dry? How thick should the first wall be? After it is cured and sure it is, can a person paint the inner face with itc-100.
  3. ITC-100HT Ceramic Coating for Refractories. Is there something like the itc-100 that is cheaper to use? I want to make a forge with the portland cement, sand, Perlite, and clay. But I was thinking the the itc would protect the cement from the heat. Problem is 100 bucks or so cost. Is there a cheaper option for reflecting heat from the concrete?
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