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  1. Mikey - Definitely intend to build rather than buy. I've always believed that is the best way to learn something. Think I will do the two 1/2" burners. Like you said, though, regardless of which path I take, I have already gotten tremendous value out of your book. Thank you very much for writing it, and for taking the time to respond to my post.
  2. Can't hurt to find out more, Neil. Can you post pics and tech details?
  3. Ladies and gents - I am building a gas forge this winter. Planning to use Michael Porter's basic propane cylinder design. Because it is already piped to my property, I would like to use natural gas. This would eliminate the need for bottles, and for keeping them changed. Is it possible to use natural gas instead of propane with a simple, naturally aspirated forge? Are there any cons to doing so? Do you know of any guides or FAQs about doing so? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Thanks, Charles. Any idea how that T burner compares to the burner in Michael Porter's book?
  5. I have seen a number of your posts, Charles. I like your commitment to normal aspiration. Where can I find a design for this T burner, and how does it compare with the burners Michael Porter shares in his book?
  6. Thanks, Frosty. Yes, you are correct - it was a typo. Can you imagine a 25 gal forge? We could do trucks for freight railcars! I am in Central Oregon, and have changed my profile to indicate that. Are you the Frosty who I have seen associated with burner design?
  7. I have been reading Michael Porter's great book on burner and forge design. I am going to build his basic 25-gal propane cylinder forge. His basic design calls for a 1/2" burners for forge diameters up to 6", 3/4" burners up to 9" dia, and 1" up to 12" dia. For evenness of heat, would it better to use, for example, two 1/2" burners instead of one 3/4" burner?
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