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  1. Lol, thanks but I'm in the other SD...South Dakota.
  2. Has anyone seen something like this before? What was it used for and what else can I use it for. It is about 26x20x4". It has two cast holes in the corners (about 1" dia) and one 5/8" drilled in the middle. The two "shafts" are 3" in diameter and have cross holes of various sizes. It has been used to hammer on as there are hammer marks on the surface. Looking at the bottom it appears to be cast iron as it has imperfections or pitting. A hammer bounces of it pretty nicely if that helps. Looking for ideas and uses for this unique table. Thanks for looking. .
  3. Thanks everyone for your advice and comments.
  4. Charles, that makes sense and will be a good starting point. Thanks for the good ideas, I agree with all of them. I do have a problem buying and installing a new handle on a $185 hammer ( I would not have spent that on myself). They should have put on a larger handle to be shaped and thinned down to fit the user. Charlotte, what do you use as a finish? Just smooth raw wood or a texture? What would be a good texture that would not be too hard on your hand. I will try it as is and see if I can get used to the thin handle. Thanks for your ideas.
  5. It's already pretty smooth so something with some grip for a sweaty hand would be good. I was thinking about racquet handle tape but didn't know if it would last. I thought there might be something just for this purpose. As far as handle length, I'm sure there must be a "standard" length as I have never seen anyone cut off the handle of a steel framers hammer. I just know the handle that came with the hammer is too long and is made to cut shorter. Any ideas?
  6. My wife bought me a Jim Poor 2 lb. rounding hammer for Christmas. It is almost too nice to hit hot steel with but I'm going to anyway. My question is has anyone modified the handle to "thicken" it up, short of just replacing it? I don't think I should have to replace a handle on an expensive hammer. It feels too long and thin. Would a wrap of some sort be durable enough for blacksmithing. Also what's roughly the ideal length for a 2 lb hammer? I don't want to cut it too short. Thanks for your ideas.
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