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  1. My thoughts exactly. Just trying to coordinate the trip. He also has a forge table he's letting go of, I'll see what I can manage on that ... Nothing phenomenal, but definitely worth taking a look at. Thanks again for all of the information, and suggestions.
  2. Definitely some solid suggestions, folks. I do appreciate all of the assistance. He failed to sell the anvil at the $80 price point, and is now asking for $40. I think I can manage a trip that way ...
  3. Good points, Glenn. Thank you! Heading that way today, to hopefully find the old girl a new home! Thank you all again for all of your help, I do sincerely appreciate it.
  4. Great, thank you for the information sir. I will definitely try and pick it up first thing in the AM. I appreciate all of the input, and thanks again everyone! Currently grinning like an idiot, hoping nothing falls through ...
  5. TP of the aforementioned TPAAAT has spoken! Thank you sir, I do appreciate the input. My main concerns were whether or not it was still viable, due to whatever had caused it to fracture/break in the first place. Unfortunately, I'm not sure whether it was intentionally broken like this, or it was just damaged and/or misused and whether that would affect it being used as was intended. Or if it was something else entirely. My exposure to anvils has been limited to this site only, and while it is a phenomenal resource, it's nowhere near the real thing. To be quite honest, I'm very excited now. I just hope it's as it has been advertised to be. What should I be wary of? Any and all pointers are absolutely appreciated.
  6. Okay, so is $80 cheap enough? Or should I try to get it lower than that? I had an idea it could be decent, as I've seen some that looked like blocks, but I didn't want to buy something that was useless. That being said, how do I make sure that it's still got enough hardness in it to do the job? I can't tell that much just from a picture, and I can do the rebound test, but I know little to nothing about checking the Rockwell. Thanks again for all of the replies, I do appreciate your assistance.
  7. The guy who has it wants $80, says it's right at 100 lbs, and that it's a peter wright, etc. I'm driving about 4 hours to go take a look, so hopefully it's worth the drive. I might be able to haggle a little bit, but we shall see ... I have a couple of sections of forklift tine, but they're not very long and I quite frankly have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to fabricating some form of makeshift anvil. Thank you for the response.
  8. I have been desperately searching for an anvil in my area since around June. I have found two, both of which were priced at $4+ per lb., which I could not afford. I did, however, happen across the following broken anvil, at a rate I could manage. Provided it has acceptable rebound via the ball bearing test, would you say that it's usable, or should I be wary?? Take a look, and let me know your opinions. If I get a decent response, I'll go pick it up tomorrow. Thanks in advance!
  9. Thank you Realfiddler. I will look into both of those groups. I appreciate the heads up
  10. Thank you Frosty! I will be reading quite a bit over the next several days, I assure you I appreciate all of the help. Everyone I've met on the site thus far has been incredibly kind and helpful. Looking forward to many, many new experiences here!
  11. I am brand new to the scene, but I've been looking at this site for quite some time. I would love to get in touch with and learn from any locals with a passion for metalworking, the desire to teach, and the patience to answer a million and one questions! Hopefully, I'm not looking to win the lottery by asking for such a combination. Either way, I'm more than willing to learn the basics and beyond, from anyone willing to teach me. Currently, I'm working two jobs and supporting a family, but am free on the weekends fairly often. If anyone feels up to the challenge, I'll be checking back often. Looking forward to making many contacts and new friends along the way! Speak with you soon.