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  1. Its nice to see a weaker etching. It looks more like a trick of the light than the harsh contrast of stronger etches.
  2. Is the anvil attached to the block or is it placed on?
  3. Does anyone have any suggestions for beginners projects for me? I have made letter openers, hooks, damascus steel knives, arrowheads, pokers and a hammer with help from a professional blacksmith and some leaf keyring attachment on my new forge. However I would like some suggestions for new simple projects that I can practice basic techniques on whilst being more interesting than just leaves.
  4. sorry for the bad wording and limited technical vocabulary. I was trying to ask about how one creates a pattern with damascus steel using the the light and dark metals like shown in the images. I have made my own damascus steel knife but there was no pattern.
  5. How does one create an area on plain metal as a picture in a piece of damascus steel? I have seen examples of blades of patterned steel with a plain picture of an animal for example in.
  6. Where did you find the patterns and what runes are in the first picture?
  7. Are you going to grind the edge so it is easier to cut with?
  8. Are the cups removed from the side as the bottom is wider? If so can they fall out if someone knocks the stand?
  9. it is 2LCs as there is a weld in between the join and so it is easier coconut by doubles as then you know how many welds their are.
  10. Tools are suited to what who are trying to acheive. I would recommend a hardy hot cut. If you are trying to sell items I would say a grinder could be useful and if you are using scrap metal for forging or metal from car springs I would say a vice.
  11. I am relatively new to blacksmithing and wanted to try and make a scraper to help move coke around my forge. Should i bend the scraping part back on itself so the handle is from the centre or leave it to one side?