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  1. Guess I should think harder. I suppose most of the innovations have been worked out in the last couple hundred years..:) Rosyth is on the east coast of Scotland. There is a dockyard but it's a MoD (Ministry Of Defence) property so all the work goes on behind the security fence. No civilian access without a pass..:(
  2. What's a portable hole? Does it come with a lid? Honestly, If I could find an decent affordable anvil with a hardy I'd go for it. Wasted too much time waiting, trying and failing to find one. The prices are so high here it's almost worthwhile getting a new Kanca or NCTools one. The rail anvil is enough to have gotten me started..:)
  3. I don't have a post vice, yet..:) I have a Record No 3. Engineers vice I obtained for free. Which was nice..:) The thought being i'll only be using the hardy tools for specific hot shaping tasks so I won't be bashing on it full force. But that's my thoughts, I'm more than willing to listen to others...:) I was planning on letting the machine shop deal with all the machining and hardening, mainly because i'm not fully competent yet..:)
  4. Hey guys, Not entirely sure where to put this but I had an idea the other day. My rail anvil doesn't have a hardy hole, obviously. Was watching youtube videos of various hardy tools in use so I thought to myself that would be handy to have. Rather than have a single use tool...Why not get a half egg milled out of one side, a half sphere out the other. Maybe even some various sized rounded and v notches in the edge. Then you take it out of the vice turn it and use like a limited swage block? How much 'volume' would you need around the hardy hole to avoid breakouts? Basically my local engineering shop is looking for dimensions before they give me a price.
  5. Cheers mutant.. I had only planned on forging during daylight hours (9-5) just to keep to local noise rules.
  6. Hey guys.. I'm in the process of putting down some slabs for an outdoor shelter that Im planning on putting my forge in. Along with my anvil (such as it is) My question is, Since this is going in my back garden (in a residential area). Should I use sound insulation in the walls to minimize annoyance to neighbours, or will that just mean i'll need ear protection? What's your thoughts? What insulation would you recommend, if any?
  7. Thanks Frosty.. I also have a friend who runs a Garage. Already asked for any broken track rod ends, leaf springs or coil springs for practice material..:)
  8. Here's a vest I did for a friend who LARP's. Aluminium rings and dragonscales, think she was describing it as mithril type metal... Just straight 4 in 1 European
  9. Hi Guys, Thought I would introduce myself... My Name is Fraser, Im 42 and I live in Rosyth, Fife. Scotland. UK. Im currently pulling together my first set of equipment after a long time thinking about it. I was at a local National Trust event where there was a give it a try Blacksmithing. Like I said, I'd been wanting to give it a try for ages and I just loved it. Only made a scroll end bird feeder hook but I left wanting to try more.... Was very tempted to just jump into it but read the forums and web and avoided getting an anvil shaped door stop of Amazon...:) I wrote to Railtrack asking about used rail stock and was pointed towards who sell sleepers, aggregate and rail stock. I've asked for a quote for half a meter (18") bull head rail so I guess we'll find out how much that costs.... As for experience, Im current self teaching myself MIG welding as there's no local classes. I've made a few Athamae's ( Non heat treated double edged ritual knives) for Wiccan friends. Basically just cut the shapes out with and angle grinder, shaped with dremel and bench grinder. Hand finished with 15k wet and dry and a buffing wheel. Ultimate goal is to make a few damascus knives but that's still a ways off...:) Failing that making some local contacts would also be great. I also do book binding, woodcarving, I have regular fights with my 3d printer and I also have a a laser engraver/cutter *almost* finished.. I also make mead and brew beer with a few friends..:) Any questions don't hesitate to get in touch..