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    Tent Camping--Fishing Off-shore and Eating Fish I Catch Off-Shore While Tent Camping I Like To Keep It Simple That Way
  1. Just completed my woodworking/blacksmith shop2/2/11 will post photos when I learn how.

  2. How do you say, AWSOME, in bladesmith talk? Well done indeed.
  3. Hi Bill, Doing just fine. No to the aliens. But I did start using a straight peen. Griffin started at App. St.this year and daddy didn't have enough money.Had to focus on his needs the past year. That done I've time for me.Looking forward to seeing everyone in Appomattox.Sorry for not staying in touch,working down in N.C.and not at my deck much. David

  4. David, Great pics on the site today. I thought you'd hung up your cross-pein or been abducted by aliens. How are you?

  5. Hi Mike, Hope things are going will for your wife and family. Where in Central are you guys located. My mother lives west of Asheboro. Take care and let us know how things are going for you guys. David

  6. Was able to watch the first 43 seconds of that video. Clicked out of that site and Googled NASA web site looking for used space helmets. No luck! Maybe duct-tape to seal my safety to my face. This would be a good one to show the hard-heads that do not think they need safety glasses in the shop.
  7. Hi Everybody, Here are few items that I forged from r/r spikes. I'm calling the knife shaped objects letter-openers because they're forged from low carbon spikes. Our blacksmithing group has some events (hands-on) coming up and my hopes are to get some of the more experienced smiths to maybe help me finish them. The coat-rack was a spur of the moment thing. Snow bound for about a week, cabin fever drove me to the shop and this was the only thing I could complete using my scrap bucket. Hooks are low carbon spikes, saving my H/C spikes until my skill level improves, split with a hot cutter and drifted with the bar stock that later became the mounting bar. Bar was textured with a small ball peen hammer that has seen better days, but leaves a nice pattern. Used a home-made spring fuller to neck down the bar ends. Look them over and let me know what you think, so-far less than 30 hrs. at forge so be easy. OK? David
  8. Me three, please if you can PM or a post for everyone would be real nice THANKS :)
  9. Good info Thank you The Dr. Hrisoulas Video would be a big help if you can find it. Really worried about the negative effects of my "bad forging habits". Old dogs don't take to new tricks. Why is it that everything that I like to do will make you go blind? Thanks for your help. David
  10. Great news Mike. Glad to hear of it.Take care of her and let us know when she can come home.
  11. Thomas, following this thread to learn a little more about IR protection for my eyes. Guess I'm one of those that ends up staring into the fire, hard habit to break when you burn as much metal as I do. Searched on line for the Gold Flashed Didymium that you mentioned. No leads. But did find welding lens in Ir Green 2.0,Green 3.0, Green 5.0 and IR Colbalt. Was wondering if maybe the same end results from these products. Any clues would help. David
  12. Thanks Gerald, Just got threw with a google search of welding classes in my area and found two schools right here in Danville,even looks like prevous math and blue-print classes will transfer credits. May be easier than I thought. Now I just have to be willing to be the oldest guy in class AGAIN May change my user-name to CAREER-STUDENT David
  13. O.D.B.S.A. Member and Officer (producer) Jay Abbound passed on Thursday 1/21/10 Single car accident,no details. Monday 1/25/10 at 6pm(eastern time) I will ring my anvil 21 times for our fallen friend and fellow blacksmith. Join me if you can. Thank You, David Hinshaw
  14. Hi Mike,Just wanted to say hello and that we're still praying for speedy help in your wait.Hope your wife is doing well and in good spirits. Lost a friend last week to a car wreck and we are going to ring the anvil monday 1/25/10 at 6pm 21 times join us if your near your anvil.His name was Jay Abbound and I'm sure you would have liked him.Lived life to the full and always laughing, grea...

  15. Recieved an E-mail this morning that Friend And Fellow Blacksmith Jay Abbound died in a single car accident this past Thursday. Jay loved to share his discoverys in blacksmithing and was always the first to laugh at his "Mis-Adventures".All prayers welcome. Fare-well my friend and Safe Passages.
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