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  1. If you've got coal rather than Coke, make sure everything is cleaned out of the fire pit and toss about a handful of coal dust and small coal pieces into two pieces of newspaper. Fold the edges in and make a sort of pouch. Light the folded in corners and lay it fire side down over your air inlet. Start cranking your air slowly until the fire burns up the sides and around to the top. Then give the crank a good push so it keeps running while you pour some more coal into the fire pit covering the paper pouch. Now get back on the blower cranking about twice as hard as before. She'll start smoking pretty good at this point. Keep it up until you can poke it to let the flames out to oxidize the smoke. Then she's good and lit. 60% of the time, it works every time. Just my two cents. I'm also inside so the elements aren't much of a factor.
  2. All, I bought an anvil of a fellow in Wisconsin who immigrated from Germany and told me he brought this anvil with him and that the anvil originated in Austria. I'd like to try to dig up a little more background information regarding its brand and if possible an approximate time of manufacture. Please let me know what you guys can glean from the photos. One shows a "touchmark" on the sloped face. Best I can tell it is a man standing with a sledge hammer on the ground (handle pointed up) at his right hand and an anvil on his left. The other two pictures show the front and back of the anvil. Please let me know if there is anymore information I can supply from the anvil. Thank you in advance for your help. Nate
  3. Hi All, I'm Nate from Washington, IN. I've been forging along with other hobbies for a little over a year and it's taking shape as my main pastime. So far I've built my forge, chimney, and acquired my anvil, blower, and post vise. Slowly I'm making my other tools such as punches, chisels, hammers, and tongs. My main interest is making things for myself, wife, boy, and friends. My goals are to build fences, gates, and someday a musket or two. Nice to meet you all. Nate