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  1. Iron dwarf, I was a bit disappointed with the noise level of the vane pump. What type of pump are you using. Have a pic? Here's mine
  2. Eddie, I picked a single stage vane pump for two reasons. 1) They are supposedly much quieter than a log splitter type gear pump. And 2) A 6 gpm pump gives me the same speed after contact w/ the work piece as a 28 gpm two stage pump. The 28 gpm gives a quick approach speed but slows down to 1/4 of that once your pump switches to the high pressure mode. My press only has a max of 8 inches of travel so a fast approach speed would be of little value. I wanted speed after contact with the dies was made.
  3. Alan, yes I definitely need to reverse the hoses between the valve and cylinder. Thanks. Pike3e, thanks. Not yet but I'll post when I do. Flemish, the press weighs a bit over 200 pounds with the cylinder. Thanks Gehljoe. I took about 2 years to read up on hydraulics, draw lots of sketches, and collect the parts little by little. I rummaged for scrap steel & bargain shopped all the parts except for the hoses and fittings. I probably have $800 or so in it. The build itself wasn't too bad and could be done in two or three weekends.
  4. Reading this forum was very helpful in getting ideas for building my own press so I thought I'd show what I came up with. Since my space is limited I wanted something with a small footprint. I ended up with a benchtop forging press that suits my Damascus steel making needs perfectly. After lots of research I decided to focus on speed rather than tonnage. The result was a 19 ton press using a 4" cylinder with 2.25" ram. To keep noise to a minimum the motor & pump assembly are mounted independent of the press. I also mounted the pump on a shop built bracket made from 1" steel plate to reduce vibration. Power comes from a 7.5 hp electric motor driving a single speed 6 gpm vane pump. Ram speed is ~2" per second. I'm currently running the press at under 1500 psi and making ~12 tons which (to my surprise) has been plenty for my initial 6x2x3 billets. Here's a very brief action video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RUUsILQZq4s The design is pretty self explanatory but any questions are welcome. Thanks for looking, D. Crawford
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