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  1. Thank you IF&C and JHCC. I was wondering how an old anvil could be so 'crisp' along the edges. Hmmm...somewhat cautious now. Let's see what transpires.
  2. Hello folks I'd appreciate any feedback you might share, please. I've found this British anvil some hours drive away which is available for USD $360-00 from a private seller. He's only provided me with these two photos and says it's 3/4 ton stamped, but weighs 75 kilograms???? Is it worth it ? My limited knowledge say Yes. Thanks in advance. Pete
  3. Hello Frosty Thanks for the welcome. Real glad to be here. Yeah, hindsight is 20/20 vision. Sheesh, am I regretting that decision now, but it's a long story best suited for another time. It was an 80lb anvil, with a bit of damage. I make small, lightweight things. Mainly as birthday, Christmas and "Thank You" gifts. Bottle openers, key ring tags, BBQ irons, campfire tripods. And back scratchers. I love combining steel and wood. Here's some (and a rough shoe horn) that I made to support my mate with his fundraising efforts on the Shltbox Rally 2017. Pete
  4. Hi pnut Cheers for the welcome. I'm looking forward to setting up a forge here in this delightful town, where we are staying with my wife's sister. I'm out on the back porch with a cold Castle lager and a pack of rolling bakky, looking at the Helderberg Mountains glowing as the sun sets. What a huge change. Sadly, I had to part with my Soderfors as it was just too much weight to ship halfway around the world. In the meantime, I've got my eyes on a DLC 40kg anvil in pretty good shape, some 1800 kilometers up the way. Trying to contact the bloke, but haven't had any luck so far. Hope to be able to put a gas forge together in the next few months and once my tools are shipped over, I look forward to shaping some metal. Pete
  5. Good day everyone My name is Peter and just this week, my wife and I moved to Somerset West in the Western Cape, from Adelaide in South Australia. I was privileged to have been provided with the basic skills of blacksmithing by John F, Rob K, Chris C and Geoff B of the Artist Blacksmiths Association of South Australia (ABASA) some five years back. Whilst I was a member there for a short while, business and other matters distracted me and I just messed around with my small Soderfors anvil and 9kg gas bottle forge that I made on a one day course at Fergie's springworks in Gawler. I spoke with Fergs a short while ago and expressed to him my hope to start up again when I got to the Cape. As such, I would love to hear from anybody in SA and in particular, the Western Cape region. Looking forward to learning here at iforgeiron. Pete H
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