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  1. Thomas, She is a quilter and scrapbooker. She also had fun making a basket at the BAM (Blacksmith Association of Missouri) conference. They hold classes that ladies may be interested in during the conference. Kept her happy and busy for a whole day. I’m very fortunate, she is very understanding and a good sport about my hobbies and I pay her back by taking her to the ocean.
  2. Thanks for the responses and advice, I’m excited to attend my first. I have Thursday-Saturday scheduled to be there, if I can keep my better half interested.
  3. I’m thinking about going, would be my first. I haven’t found much information about what is going on, times etc. I’m curious about how much time I should plan on being there. Looking forward to seeing demonstrations and the tailgate.
  4. I'm just excited to finally be a 1%er! Marc1, I think you are correct. Most newbies are influenced by the TV show. When buying my anvil, post vice etc, all the sellers assumed I'd be making knives, they didn't know what to say when I said I had no intentions on making knives or swords. Nothing against those who's desire is to make knives and swords, I admire the craftsmanship. I wanted to get into blacksmithing to make practical things I can use and decorative items the Mrs. will like. I'm still very new and enjoy learning from taking classes, reading and of course utube. I just completed a tong making class, all of a sudden 50.00 for a nice pair of tongs doesn't sound so bad. I enjoyed the class, made two tongs and will no doubt make more as needed, but I enjoyed learning the skills, talking with my classmates and the instructor more, learning why they started, what they make etc. im still excited to finally be a 1%er! Duane
  5. You're right, scale said 181 pounds, I'm even happier!
  6. The weight stamp is 1 - 2 - 1.5 The seller had 175 shipping listed, that's why I thought I had a shot at winning it. the face is nice, I plan on putting it to work after just a little ATF. Duane
  7. I want to show my new anvil. Posted on eBay, just 60 miles from me. If my math is correct it weight 169/170 pounds. I paid 405 and 120 miles round trip. Two questions for the experts, photo one shows two crosses under the horn, any significance? There is also a V on the bottom of picture three under the Peter Wright stamp. What does that mean? I don't see any other markings to identify age. Thanks, Duane
  8. Just picked up this Champion 400 with a nice 400 blower. Cleaned up with a wire brush, ready to paint. My question, do I clay the cast pan? It does say "clay before using". I don't want to crack it, it will be kept indoors. i assume I don't clay the actual firepot? I cracked my rivet forge, no clay, so I'm a little gun shy. Thanks, Duane