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  1. Welcome Bean. So is that space the location of your smithy? Or will you forge in the shed I saw on the other thread?
  2. Yeah it looks like we're in for some rain at least, hopefully not too much wind though, I live in amongst the trees, don't like wind
  3. We're good for now, but I've started getting our motorhome ship shape in case we have to bug out. I have some outdoor welding/grinding jobs I'd like to do but I think it's wise to hold off for now given the weather conditions. I don't want to be the cause of another fire eh? Meanwhile on the forge front, I've cleared out the smithy area, got my blower working and connected it to the forge, getting close now.
  4. They look great in B&W eh? I see you have a taller stump next to the swage block, I do that so if I need to use the block laid flat I put it on the taller stump so the height is better. Is that what you do? Also, I've been wondering if I really need a hood and flu over my forge, you don't seem to and I have plenty of room so maybe not.
  5. Yeah, I thought the B&W was appropriate, trying to make it look more "period", although it's not a working setup yet and is used to store other crap like fire extinguishers and spray cans.
  6. I'm near Bundaberg so also about as far away from you as possible DS9. Meanwhile my forge area is coming along but I've still done bugger all work in it, too many other projects for now.
  7. Hi Warrick, I'm a bit closer (near Bundaberg) and a complete novice as well.
  8. Just for a laugh here's a video I did a while back, metal fab not blacksmithing but there is a small amount of hammer work on the swage block at the start.
  9. I lived in Canberra for many years, loved it at the time but left to live on the road for 14 years and finally dropped anchor in the bush in central (warm) Queensland.
  10. Yeah we live in one of the best places eh? (I was going to say THE best but we have many non-Queenslanders here so I thought I'd be kind ) Good observation Dave and I did think of that. Truth is I'm just starting and don't have a "your work" as yet so don't know if it will be an issue or not, time will tell if it's a problem but that sucker is well buried into concrete so it ain't moving
  11. My gear has been moved to the new workshop extension, the leg vice will go on that black stump which is embedded in the ground, post drill on the steel pillar at the right, roof and shutters pending. Still no actual forge but I did get two large plow discs which might do until I build something better.
  12. No change with me, but I did just manage to get 36 sheets of corro for free a few days ago, most of it is the old-style zinc coating which I like the look of more than modern corro. That got me thinking that I will build a dedicated shed for the blacksmithing gear, so the above pic of my smithing area is no longer valid and that area will be turned over to more modern tools. The new "shed" will actually be an extension of the existing workshop but it will just be for smithing and only house old tools, so my leg vice and post drill will move there as well.
  13. At least you seem to be actually using your kit :), more than I can say.
  14. I'm still around up near Bundy but have not progressed much on my smithy construction (see pic), due mainly to all the other things I have to build first. For some reason the missus wants a house before I get a smithy As you can see no forge yet, but I have done a little work using my oxy to heat the metal.
  15. Needs some work but nice for $100 I think, at least in Oz. I spotted the "Shire of Mulgrave" on the bin, I worked up that way a few years ago.