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  1. As you may have been able to tell from the title, my plan is to make this anvil from railroad track. However, I am gong to take the basic RR track anvil to a whole new level. My plans are as follows: - Cut 4 pieces of railroad track, each 75 cm in length (as an engineer I use metric units)
  2. Hello my fellow metal workers, First, I have found there are many people looking at getting into blacksmithing; but they either do not have the money for the tools, or they do not know how to make their own. Second, I have found equally as many who do not want to spend a large amount of time and or money making a beginning anvil, only to replace it if they really get into the hobby. Third, I have found even more people who are young and moving around, and simply do not think they can move blacksmithing supplies around, more specifically an anvil. As an engineer, my goal is to solve p
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