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  1. Wow ok thank you for all those information, I may try it then, I know rules are made for dumb people who doesn't know what they do, but you know, it's gas so I didn't want to take too much risk haha. Thanks
  2. Haha good one, I knew the trick but I was afraid of making a absurdity. Thanks
  3. I just don't think it's really sealed, I'm afraid to try it and start an explosion or something, I Know if it's really tight it should be ok. but you never know and I don't want to be in the news paper for being the dumb ass who exploded in his garage
  4. Isn't a hose clamp a little bit dangerous, in canada I know it's ''against the law'' to attach your hose with that. I found a thread that mentionned an american store with all the piece you need but I can't find the thread anymore unfortunately.
  5. Hey thanks a lot, I just need an anvil and there you go the fun begins this summer!
  6. the forge is mine, very nice and the blower is top notch!!
  7. I would like to change the pot, get a smaller one and add a hood, like you said yes, would try to get it for 300$.. and no there's almost nothing near me haha hard for me to find stuff.!
  8. yup I started to build one (half made ( might take buy this one and modify it with the piece I have) but I would love to have a table with the one I build and a hair dryer for air burst is not what I would like with all the extention and stuff to plug it, but yes it's an idea!
  9. yup it's 250bucks for a 80pound, gotta deal it to a nicer price, thanks a lot guys, much appreciated!!
  10. I also found this one, and it seems a lot better :
  11. hmmm ok sorry for not responding I tought there were some auto email send for each..,.ok thanks a lot for the many answer, there is almost no anvil for sale where I live.. So sad
  12. Hi guys, I'm searching for a nice little forge, this got my attention and I would like to get some advice, the guy demands 350 for it. What are you thinking about it. Thanks a lot for the help
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