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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I'm new to the forum, so hopefully I'm posting this in the right place. Setting up my first legit propane forge and decided to take a crack at building some homemade burners as well. Burner specs are as follows: 1"x6" SS nozzle/burner tip 1" to 3/4" SS reducer coupling 3/4"x8" black steel nipple 1.5" to 3/4" black steel reducer coupling 1/8"X4" brass nipple with end cap, tapped for MIG tip MIG tip From the 1/8" nipple, my connection assembly is as follows: 1/8" to 1/4" brass hex bushing 1/4" brass tee Winters 2" Lead Free Pressure Gauge, (0 to 30 psi) Model #PEM206LF, here's a link: 1/4" to 1/4" brass close nipple/hex 1/4" to 3/8" needle valve Propane hose with 30PSI regulator Home Depot style propane tank gas level indicator I taped everything with PTFE except the 1/8" burner nipple as I'm not sure what the final orientation will be. I'm building three of these, and already have 2 prefab'd burners and I wanted some versatility as I have 2 forges (1 paint can, 1 large custom homemade) and a foundry and would like to move and swap the burners. Regardless, did the soapy water test and fired this bad boy up for the first time (outside the forge) to test my madness. The burner worked like a champ outside the forge, but I have some concerns and I'm thinking about making some modifications to the connection assembly and would like to make 2 or three more. So here are my main questions: 1) Does anyone know if the Winters pressure gauge noted above is safe for use with propane? I think I googled 30 PSI propane pressure gauge and that's what came up. When I went back to order the next couple for my future connections, I noticed the website says it's for use with "Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning, Pneumatic, Water Tanks, Air Compressors." I'm assuming it's fine, but wanted to see if anyone on here thinks I should look for something else. 2) I placed the pressure gauge between the needle valve and the burner so I could have better control of the gas flow. Are there any issues with this? 3) Thinking about adding shutoff cocks between the needle valve and the regulator/propane tank, but not sure if this would be redundant with the needle valve? 4) So that I may easily move the connection assembly to different burners and avoid damaging the connections, wondering if: A) A quick connect could be added to the 1/8" burner nipple, or If I should tape the 1/8" to 1/4" hex bushing to the burner nipple, add an additional 1/4" close nipple and then a quick connect, or C) If I should add a quick connect before the needle valve/shutoff cock, or D) Are quick connects just a bad idea? 5) Also thinking about setting up a dual burner for the large forge. The concept would be the same as 2 of both the burner and the connection assemblies outlined above, but add: A) Brass 3/8" FIP to 1/4" MIP fitting to Brass 1/4" elbow to C) Brass 1/4"x1.5" nipple to D) Brass 1/4" tee (repeat A-C on opposite side of tee) to E) Brass 1/4"x4" nipple to 1/4" shutoff cock to F) Brass 1/4" MIP to flared 3/8" MIP fitting | or | Brass 1/4"xClose nipple to 1/4" FIP to flared 3/8" MIP fitting Is this a bad idea? Would it be better to just find a Y or T fitting for the propane tank and run 2 hoses and regulators (prefer not to have too many hoses)? for 5A, are there any variables I should consider for the flared 3/8 side of the needle valve? For 5F, are there any special considerations for the 3/8" connection to the propane hose besides flared? At the end of the day, I'm not opposed to having multiple hoses and just moving the hoses between burners as necessary. Photo of my current assembly is attached. Any assistance/advice is greatly appreciated. Comments on other parts of my design are also welcome.
  2. So here is what happened: I have recently bought a $130 Devil Forge (I got this one). Now after I ordered it, I realized that this doesn't have a connection kit( no hose, regulator, valve) and I need one. What I was thinking do can do is get a regulator, a hose, and a gasket. Clamp the hose onto the burner using the gasket, then connect the hose to the regulator, regulator to the tank. Since these guys are from Europe it's kinda hard to contact them. So would my idea work? If not, what world work and where can I buy it? Welding supply, propane store? I need to know what will work and where to get what I need to connect the burner to the tank.