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  1. I have the braided hose (1/4 5-18 thread) how do I connect it!!! Pls help!!!
  2. Great thanks!! Any other conformation before I buy it from eBay?
  3. Would this work as a hose/ regulator?http://www.ebay.com/itm/Adjustable-Propane-Gas-Regulator-BBQ-Grill-Burner-Wok-Fryer-w-12-FT-Hose-20PSI-/401082988243?hash=item5d6268b6d3:g:nzUAAOSwoudW2pIm
  4. UPDATE! where would I be able to purchase this in store, would granger be good? By the way I looked up the twin leaded hose, I don't think I need that much, because it has two. Also how do I hook it it up to the regulator?
  5. Cool thanks! Now all I need is a high pressure regulator and hose. What pressure should I get?
  6. Can anyone give some more info about if my idea would work?
  7. So here is what happened: I have recently bought a $130 Devil Forge (I got this one). Now after I ordered it, I realized that this doesn't have a connection kit( no hose, regulator, valve) and I need one. What I was thinking do can do is get a regulator, a hose, and a gasket. Clamp the hose onto the burner using the gasket, then connect the hose to the regulator, regulator to the tank. Since these guys are from Europe it's kinda hard to contact them. So would my idea work? If not, what world work and where can I buy it? Welding supply, propane store? I need to know what will work and where to get what I need to connect the burner to the tank.
  8. Hi guys I have recently bought a forge: http://m.ebay.com/itm/252086987885?_mwBanner=1 it doesn't come with a connection kit, which is why I am here. Is there any thing I can buy in the US that will serve as a connector kit, connecting the propane to the regulator, then the hose? Do I have to cut off the top of say a barbecue hose and connect it to the burner with a air tight clamp? I need help because I am so urgent to start working. Thanks! PS links on what to buy is WELL appreciated.