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    Similar to what Swedefiddle mentioned above, here is what my forge looks like before working steel:


    Takes about 15 minutes or so before I start forging. I can then add raw wood to the sides.  Gets hot enough to burn steel.

    I always end up having to push charcoal off to the back, and I usually get 3-½ gallons of charcoal out the next day (forge is almost air tight when I shut it down. 

    I like crushed pine cones, they ought to be similar to your walnut hulls, once you have added a bit of Jerry's wax to them...

    Robert Taylor


  2. 12 hours ago, Jason L said:

    I've got a bunch of hay rake tines that I'm going to make tong rings out of so I don't have to keep such a tight grip all the time. My confidence is building little by little and it's going to take some time.

    Sounds like a good plan, and a great attitude.  Devising implements to assist your grip, and as others have mentioned, long stock in place of tongs (which helps me a lot); chain and other types of "third hand" hold downs, are worthy companions at the anvil.  Think about how to minimize shock loading your tong hand - that is what gets me the most...

    Building stamina and control does not call for heavy loads or large stock:  I handed my friend a four ounce hammer the other day, just right to finesse that last detail...

    Keep on keeping on,

    Robert Taylor

  3. I try not to swear, but I thought for sure that I saw these at Industrial Metal Supply last week, out here on the west coast.  Their website does not have half of the ornamental iron that is actually on the floor. They are a western states operation, but that does not keep me from putting their hardware in a flat rate box...

    What is the urgency level of your project?  Cheers,

    Robert Taylor

    Edit:  Phillip-SC, I found a treasure at IMS last week, three pounds of it, and then I went shopping for for it on line.  5 - 20 x less than online retail.  So I am definitely going back.  I am requesting the favor of a timely response....

  4. On 7/18/2022 at 12:29 PM, Rian Davidson said:

    The press stands around 80cm high and is marked with a C.

    So, your press is 80cm, or 31.5" tall with the ram open?

    My 5 ton is 84cm, or 33", with the ram closed. It weighs ~ 205kg, or ~450#.

    I estimate that you have sufficient press for the job, but as Goods, et al. have suggested, first prove with a 1 cm² block.

    hope this helps.

    Robert Taylor 


  5. Aric, with respect to PTSD, when ones skirts the extent of one's limitations, certain things happen to the brain.  Once you are subject to that kind of pressure, it is good to acknowledge your trauma as real, and to avail yourself to help, counsel, and remediation.  Your stressors are real, and anything we can do to help get you through, is well deserved, I am sure. Goes for your SO, as well.

    Robert and Sheila

  6. 14 hours ago, Irondragon ForgeClay Works said:

    It was delivered yesterday in Ohio.:D

    Had a package sit in the Post Office for 15 days.  The staff is trained to tell me that it did not happen, without even checking.  Audit trails (tracking #'s) are so unreliable as compared to USPS Unicorn Stories...

    Yeah Scott, more human history into the dustbin of time...

  7. On 5/27/2022 at 3:05 PM, ThomasPowers said:

    Anachronist; remember that if they don't get fixed 6 cats will rapidly become more!

    Babies are about 13 weeks, we have till 24 weeks.

    Hoping to get mama in this week, because she is beginning to get a bit cranky with the kids.  The fountain is closed, but this is how they like to cozy up:


    Robert Taylor

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