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  1. MT2020   the power hammer is in good working order and available.      It's a heavy thing so moving around requires planning, but I have the necessary equipment. 

    Ask me some more questions.



  2. Sorry I miss read you post 


    your looking to buy


    again sorry



  3. WOW- I want one I want the place to put it
  4. Thanks for your replies Frosty you say -----So, my basic advice is to consider what your goals are in the craft and remember learning means mastering the basics first. As for what I want to do. I think I will start out trying artistic blacksmithing. Scrolls. leaves different shapes in general. I most likely will go in that direction. I can not use coal, I live in a residential area and I think the smoke on start up will not be appreciated. I do expect to spend a lot of time on the basics! any other recommendations?
  5. I have been reading post on gas forges now for 2 months. I am trying to learn everything I can on Gas forges. Yes I am going to buy the "Book". My question is if you did not build your own what did you buy. And what ones did you buy and hate. I am wish to learn the the basics of blacksmithing for the pure fun of learning it. As people say 1 gas forge will not do it all. but what commercial model are you using, Thanks everyone for sharing
  6. I tried to find Wilder forge and I find a guy in Texas that makes nice looking knifes but know forges can you piont me in the right direc5
  7. mt2020

    mystery tool

    nose lead Most often carried in the back pocket of a wrangler during round up. or used in loading cattle.
  8. HI all, I am a newbie that is just getting started. i am wondering when i do get and anvil and a vise what is the best way to clean them up up, i.e.get the rust off. sanding it off, gridding it off, use chemicals , all the them. no nothing I trying to search this and I did not find anything. When the old anvils were ship new, were they ever painted, the body, I assume the top would not be painted. and does anyone paint the body today thank you all for being here. this site is a great resource. Mark
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