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  1. Looking to start blacksmithing and metal working for fun. Im just now reading the wealth of knowledge y'all have shared! Thank you so much!!
  2. Hey man! I am just building my forge now. I am super interested in smithing as a hobby and an outlet for creativity, something that i find lacking in my life. Im guessing from what little info you passed on about yourself, you have stuck with it and excelled. I live in meddie, near Phoenix. Would you mind if i gave you a jangle?
  3. Oh. Ok. Thats interesting how that works. I had looked into this when designing a shops ventilation system. It was particulqrly interesting that the given flow of a ventilation system would be effected (upwards of 15% loss of airflow) based just on the design of the intake manifold. I was bringing this point up because i thought some problems folks are having problems might be related to the smoothness of transitions. Little bumps or restrictions that would be easy to brush off might be having a larger detriment on the shstem. So these eddies are generated leas in a jet induction system vs a f
  4. Bah-da-ba-ba-baaaaah. I'm lovin it you guys! Thank you for spreading the knowledge. Im a total newbie. Been messin around with a bunch if different designs just for fin while i get a forge underway. Just a thought i'd like to throw out there, and it seems you are already touching on it heavily, is that these designs are an expression of fluid dynamics? A heavily studied field. One of the more interesting concepts i've come across is "vena contrata". This is a realized aperture area decrease in relation to the design of its opening due to localized belocity increases
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