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  1. Actually I have just been told by my Parents not to worry, because I cant go anyway, we are going to Orange for a family thing... Darn being young, it sucks sometimes.
  2. Is anyone going to the Bellingen meetup Willing to take me? I know it is pretty close and to the event and kind of a weird question but my parents are going to Orange for that weekend. It really sucks not having my P's yet!!!
  3. well the Anvil sold for $511, bit disappointing for me but that means that I can help a blacksmith out with a lil extra moola! See you guys soon, seems to be coming up fast! Jakob
  4. Ha-ha, no sorry that's not him, he is probably about 300-400 years younger :lol:. Apart from the age difference though, the day was really good, he is great guy and showed me a thing or two about twists and stuff. He even offered to sell me an anvil and some tongs to help me get started and I will probably take him up on it if I don't get this anvil I am watching on E-bay. It is 730mm long and its going for a very doable price right now. Now that Have told you about please don't steal it from me ;) . Jakob
  5. Alright Drewy, thanks! I knew there was something happening this month, though i knew i couldn't go unfortunately due to excessive amounts of homework, soccer and Airforce cadets which I recently joined. The CO at the Cadets actually come from Bellingen, might have to give him a call! Can't wait to see some smithing again, its been a while, hope to learn some great things! Will be seeing you guys soon, god willing! Jakob
  6. Haha, Beauty, thanks again Phil! Are there any events coming up before the Hammerin at Moonys? I thought there was going to be one this month in Kurri Kurri, but that may just be me.See you guys at the next meeting!
  7. Haha, got a bit confused there sorry, and thanks Phil for telling me! I told my dad about it and he said it would a great "bonding" moment :rolleyes: . But yeah it will be good. He also said we might camp up there for the night, so does anyone know somewhere we could set up a swag and tent close to Moonies? I think I should be good on accommodation, as long as we can find a clear patch of bush. Anyway hope to see you guys there again soon, Jakob
  8. I would really love to come and see Moonies workshop, but i will have to ask the parents about the accommodation and the lot, we do have some friends up north though so we might be able to arrange something. By the way does anyone know of a blacksmith named George Davidson? He lives in Blainey and works on rock-crushing equipment. I met him at the old smithy in Millthorpe at the museum during FROSTFEST. He has also kindly offered to sell me a Peter Wright 150-200lb for $400 + a pair of tongs or two, what do you guys think? Anyway he was a really friendly bloke, and he told me a bunch about the Richmond blacksmithing TAFE course. BTW Moony do you teach the industrial part of that course, I think I heard him say you did. He really got me looking forward to leaving school!!! Unfortunately due to Parents opinions I won't be leaving until YR 12. Fair enough I guess. I guess I will have to settle with a 2 day course there or down at the Tharwa valley Forge in Canberra.
  9. Anybody know how many people are coming to the demo yet?
  10. Wow Andrew, not sure how you found that, but that is an amazing video! I am at a loss for words... That is a good look inside of the workshop too, anybody know about how many people are going to be coming to the event overall?
  11. Drewy that is the stuff I am talking about, but I was wondering where to get it from.
  12. Hey guys, I have a quick warm up question before next weekend, hehe B) , I was wondering where you guys get your steel to forge with? engineering shops? Scrapyards? just wondering so I can get the ball rolling...
  13. Haha, righto Phil, thankyou for that, and i can't wait to see you there.
  14. Guys, I need the honest opinion of everyone that's going to the dinner on the following subject: -Would it matter to you guys if i came to the dinner? I want you all to know that I am 15, but I am pretty mature and have a good sense of humour. Basically i want to know if you guys mind having a youngster around? I would really like your Honest opinion on this, don't be nice, just tell me the truth. Thanks guys Jakob
  15. Haha, watch it buddy, I'm playing rugby this year! These guys are definitely first class, the amount of help they put in to get a kid they don't even know somewhere safely is incredible, and I don't know how many other communities would do the same for their kind. They are great examples and I can't wait to meet them all! See ya soon, Jakob
  16. Just got an email from Nigel, gave me the times and stuff for the event and mentioned that there was a BS in Lawson, how convenient. I live in Wentworth Falls.
  17. Thanks guys for all the support,and Forgemaster, a lift would be great, if you could keep me updated on how that's going I would be grateful! I think that it will be a lot easier to figure out how I will be getting home when we are all actually there talking to each other. We can figure all these things out when I get there. Again guys, thank you for all the advice and support on this situation. My dad works in the American Air-Force and will be in Hawaii that weekend, or else we wouldn't be having all this hassle.
  18. Thanks for the offer Toolish, sounds great! But why aren't you going to the dinner?
  19. Btw Drewy is it ok if I bring the form and pay in person or do you want me too do it all electronically?
  20. Hey guys, I will be joining the NSW Blacksmiths Association when I pay up, probably at the station. I am 15 so I don't have much experience except from what I have read and seen. I am a willing person though and I can't wait to see what happens there! On the downside, I live in the Blue Mountains and will have to catch the train there both days, having to come back up each night. And I am still not sure about the dinner, my mum said I can't go because i would get home late and it's too dangerous, but I just think she doesn't want me hanging around "creepy old guys" like you at night. :P . Anyway, I will be coming to the event.
  21. Is anyone here part of the artist blacksmiths of nsw going to the demo in redfern?
  22. Thanks for the pictures Archedan, I like the drum setup you have, a brake drum on a drum :P. I am thinking of just drilling through a pipe cap and screwing it onto a pipe coupler on the side of the drum, here is a link to the Blacksmith that convinced me to get into it. I don't know him personally, just from his videos, but he give very good advice on a range of things.
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