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  1. Hi guys, so I've been blacksmithing/blade smithing for 5-6 months now and have made a few knives. Surprising myself that I am very good at bladesmithing. I can make great knives already in the forge and I'm wanting a newer challenge. I want to learn to create Damascus steel. I know it's something that very advanced for a beginner smith to try. But I'd really like to try it. So what do I need to do to make Damascus I've found a steel supplier with 15n20 and I was thinking going with 15n20 and 1075 spring steel I read that in a blacksmithing book I have. Now I have a gas forge and I know how to
  2. Hey Guys. I recently got a new forge and its a gas forge using LP gas and i really would like to do some forge welding or pattern welding. but whenever i heat my steal up and try and weld it all it does is compress it but not like it should be. it continues to have seems and wont just go into a single billet after several hours of doing this i still could never get it to go into a single billet. so i was thinking maybe I'm not heating it hot enough. I typically run at 16 PSI and let it warm up for 15-20 minutes until i put my steel in, what am i doing wrong that wont allow a forge weld? w
  3. Thanks lucky. I think I shall do a gas forge than at least for starts I may go to a coal forge later on. I think I'm set almost I have to clean up my shop and get things organized once more and then I should have any problems at least I don't think.
  4. My shop is 3,690 Sqft (square feet) and is open air 2 stories tall and plus some due to the roof designs. The precautions I've already taken I have 3 giant warehouse fans to move air around and bring fresh air in and bad air out I have 2 fire Extinguishers within 15 feet of me at all times. I have a 10" chimney in there also already thought that would be a must have. The chimney also has fans in it to push air out from my experience so far burning wood an charcoal under it, it takes all the smoke right out the pipe. If I'm not mistaken all heat gases rise so the CO gases and carbon monoxide ga
  5. New to blacksmithing and wanted to know the effectiveness differences between a gas propian forge and coal or coke forge I will be forging indoors so which will be best for that I know forging indoors is very dangerous I've taken all the procausions for it to be safe as possible
  6. I don't remember the name of the person but he said it was still currently available and that was not to long ago. But thanks for the tip. I've already found another I'm calling on it tomorrow and going to have it shipped to me. It's actually cheaper to have it shipped then to drive which is odd. I used to live in clovise thanks for the advice ill look there too!
  7. Awh really!?!? Man that really puts a rain on my parade! When I asked about it a week ago he said it was still available :( well I guess I'll have to find one else where. Any ideas?
  8. thanks man i'll try and get a ride up there! i think i will be coming home with an anvil. the guy said he doesnt know when it was manufactured so it could very well be new idk if peter wright is still in business but maybe ( new as in last 10 year or more haha)
  9. thanks! i'll try and get the guy down to $200 to $150 so i can actually afford to get up there
  10. Hey guys Cota here again, I was wondering if this anvil, the petter wright I found not to long ago. If its worth picking up for the price. ($275) it's 1-1-2 or 1-1-1 you can't exactly read the last number. He claims its around 120 pounds and it looks to be in good condition from the picture I have of it. To pick it up it'll cost my about $120 dollars to drive down to where its at Albuquerque New Mexico, USA I don't really want to pay $275 for it although probably worth that much considering the weight and visual condition from what I can tell. So I need some advice on it. Yay or nay here's
  11. Here's a picture of the peter wright anvil that I've found it is the only picture I have of it, but I am not sure about where it is. I found it on Craigslist and he had it under three different towns but its still about 3 to 4 hour drive over either way and its a costly drive cause I drive a diesel truck and fuel prices are through the roof right now. And if I calculated it correctly it would cost I think around around $200 dollars I'm not sure though I've never really been good at math could cost less. So how should I play this now that you know more about what it going on.
  12. Hey guys, I'm a beginner black smith/blacksmith and need an anvil I've found a Peter wright 1-1-2 what's does that mean he's asking $275 for it and he says its 115 pounds is he asking a good price or should I try and go lower. It looks to be in good condition it has a nice face on it. Any thoughts on what I should do and look for etc?
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