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Found 4 results

  1. So I'm pretty new to blacksmithing, got hooked on it as kid only now at 17 getting into the hobby side of things. Unfortunately being 17 does mean a limited budget. My first ever anvil I ever got was a antique anvil/vise combo things that belonged to my grand father.My grandfather broke the vise right out of it, however because it was a Vise combo anvil thing... It has a great big hole in the body of it, were the threads used to sit. So I was thinking of cutting off the vise style base and welding on a new base. (I realize most smiths cringe at the idea of a novice welder [Would like to point out I now have roughly 2 years structural welding experience so I am decently confidant in my welding skills.]messing around with a anvil. But just you wait I'm just getting warmed up.) The other issue I have with the Anvil is the cast iron face on it. It's well a cast iron face, IE. it dents a even a light 1 lbs. hammer blow. I however want to now if it's a good idea to mill off the face in order to weld a steel tools face on to it. I'm going to be working on it in my Auto-Shop class so I will have access to; a mill, mig welding, arc welding, oxyacetylene torches, angle grinders and any other necessary tools. So to recap really quick: 1. Terrible legs and body support on the anvil, is it worth putting a new one on? 2. Removing the cast iron face and replacing it with a steel one? The anvil face is 6'' by 2&3/4'' by 1/8'' The steel face I plan on using is 6'' by 2&7/8'' by 3/8'' (L*W*H) The step is 3/4'' by 2&3/4''(L*W) The Horn is 3&1/2'' long the tip is roughly 3'' in diameter the widest part (Next to the step) is 7'' in diameter (L*D) The full height is 5&1/2'' The Tip of the horn to the far end of the base is 1' Attached are pictures of the anvil. Thanks for having read trough that short story of mine, -Ray Ps, even if I don't end up cutting and welding stuff I still plan on cleaning it up. (Sand blasting paint and rust off. Along with re-finishing the horn, as it really flat on top.[As is customary with cast anvils I know.])
  2. I've gotten the bug and as cheaply as possible I've put together a shop. Rag tag items like a forge made from an old grill and a piece of railroad track for an anvil. My mantra to taking on this hobby/ possible future business, is to make money to put forwards purchases. in my opinion wood as a fuel source is not very efficient. Seem to be going through a lot of it really fast without it ever getting really hot. So I may need to spend some money to make money and find a good coal source for my area. But I can't seem to find anything close by. Any Charlotte area smiths have any leads on any suppliers? Thanks in advance.
  3. StephanB

    Starter tongs

    I'm a new smith. Its a hobby that I don't want to sink too much money in. With that said, I'm hoping to make most of the tools I need. The way I understand it, there are a ton of types of tongs out there, all with different functions and jobs. My question is what types should I focus on first? I got started as a way to get into knife making. I'm playing around with small trinkets like bottle openers, key chains, ect... to give you an idea of my needs. I've been using vice-grips when the material is too short for me to hold on too for now. But I want to make things easier for myself and this will also give me practice. Also what are good stock sizes and metal types for tongs, so I know what to look for at salvage yards? Thanks.
  4. Hi guys, so I've been blacksmithing/blade smithing for 5-6 months now and have made a few knives. Surprising myself that I am very good at bladesmithing. I can make great knives already in the forge and I'm wanting a newer challenge. I want to learn to create Damascus steel. I know it's something that very advanced for a beginner smith to try. But I'd really like to try it. So what do I need to do to make Damascus I've found a steel supplier with 15n20 and I was thinking going with 15n20 and 1075 spring steel I read that in a blacksmithing book I have. Now I have a gas forge and I know how to do simple forge weld. My forge wasn't really designed to forge Damascus I don't think. You can find my forge at and it's the artist deluxe 2 burner I believe that's what it's called for those of you who want to look. But Im getting a new welder in September so I want to know if there's anything else I need to get before I attemp to do this? I figure I need to get my forge around 2300? But I've never done this before so any suggestions on what temperature I should be going for and what setting I should be running? I usually run my forge from 8-25 psi it doesn't have blowers I just use the pressure of the gas.