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  1. nitro

    W1 & Walnut

    thank is very cool Hope to one day be able to make them look that good Eric Knigt
  2. this gives me a lot of insite thanks for all your help. Eric Knight
  3. Does a person need a buissness liecense to sale knifes online? Just came up when talking to my mom. Eric Knight
  4. I was just wonder because i was thinks of using it for blades, but all i have is a gas forge. It sounds like it will be to hold temps for the time need. Eric Knight
  5. ok thanks i will check them out.
  6. I was wonder where I can find some info on stainless heat treating cycle?
  7. very cool, love the blade color Eric Knight
  8. I have found when welding, us a small hammer and a rapid motion as you turn the cable making a round solid rod. This is how i use my hammer and have found it works better then making a billet right away. I also like to heat to welding temps to form into a billet to insure good welds. Hope this helps Eric Knight
  9. another dumb question Would it work to etch a knife in salt water and house current. or would it be better to you a dc power cord Thanks Eric Knight
  10. I was just wonder what the best acid is to etch edge quenched blade to bring out the constrast best? Thanks for the Info Eric Knight
  11. The first the Extreme hunter handle: rose wood, white spacer, brass tubing, walnut plug in tubing(makes a cross in the handle) Steel: 1095 Style: gut hook, compound grind with saw on back bone. p.s. I have one for myself and the saw works wonders on gutting a deer (opening the chests and pelvis) Second is a Skinner Handle: micarta bolster, white spacer, leather, dried out horn torched and stained, leather landyard weave Steel: 1095
  12. nitro

    antler skinner

    micarta bolster, leather with white spacer, dried out horn with torch and stain. Leather landyard weaving throught the handle
  13. 1095 with saw on back bone, gut hook, compound grind. Handle is rose wood with white spacer. brass tubing with walnut as a plug
  14. thank you all for the info this helps alot Eric Knight
  15. I am looking for a whole saler if anyone know any to cut down on the cost.
  16. I was wonder where online i would be able to buy 1095 1085 w-2 and 01 steel. Any infor would help. Thanks Eric Knight
  17. This may be stupid but, After edge quenching do you temper and if so how would you temper it. Thanx for the info Eric Knight
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