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  1. Hey, I just signed up for a weekend intro course in Virginia, and am really excited! I have a few question though: (Here is the class btw; http://vablacksmithing.org/classes#intro_week) I am doing the hook/wall class on the 14-15.) I know he talks about basics/smith shop practice etc. but is there anything I should expect outside of the description? I can't seem to find anything about supplies. If I can't find anything online should I assume supplies/tools will be provided? If not, what should I bring? If I do need to bring my own supplies, what type do you guys recommend as cheap/begi
  2. Yah, I should mention, as this would be instead of, or with college, I am free to move around the country/Canada. Thanks so much for all the assistance! I appreciate it.
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    Cool! nice to meat you
  4. Cool, are there any reasons to spend the extra money on college as opposed to trade school? (Any extra benefits) Thanks!
  5. Hi, I am Jacob and am very interested in smithing/metal working/machining for a career. I am a senior in Highschool and am trying to figure out the next step in the process. My main love is history and would love to be able to incorporate that into my career, whether it is through metal restoration/historical weaponry restoration or recreation/ etc. I would like to go to college, but that is not a requirement. So, my question is, "what should I look for in a school/trade school/apprenticeship? Where should I look for a good one (of the above)? Is there anything you guys suggest I do in prepar
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    Hey! I am Jacob Polfer, a high school senior in Florida. I have loved history all my life, especially late dark ages-early medieval. (Fall of Rome-3rd Crusade) My dream is to work with metal hopefully in the historical restoration/re-creation aspect of it. I love Tolkien, and have read every book published by him or Christopher (not joking) and love other fantasy. I enjoy working with my hands on cars, and have spent a lot of time in my mother's glass blowing studio. Any questions feel free to ask!
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