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    Woodworking, hiking, reading, and now smithing
  1. Thank you, George! I will find my nearer affiliate; I discovered tonight how much I have to learn at just the basics. I threw in a piece of rebar to start squaring it and drawing it out. I got a few inches done, but I know that both I and me fire were working very inefficiently! Thomas, thank you also! I was hoping that by mentioning living in town, someone might give me some pointers. The info is going to be very useful. As for rebar, as noted above, I certainly am realizing the truth of what you say. It does seem hard to work. Not sure if that’s good right now, as I need stiff practice, or bad because it slows down progress. I did indeed lay in some scrap to try. i do very much appreciate the welcome!
  2. Jim Anderson, SSG, USA (Ret). 1995-2015. Originally 31C, then 25C. Never made E7 (25W) because I was too dumb to spend time on advancement rather than on doing Commo. Iraq 2003 and 2005-2006, Afghanistan 2007-2008. At various times I was stationed at Ft. Hood, Ft. Benning, Ft. Gordon, Ft. Wainwright, and Graf. Now I’m doing cyber security work in the private sector around Aiken, SC. just joined the group, and happy to be here.
  3. Hi, all! I’m 51, retired Army, now on my second career. I’m married and have 3 kids (now grown and moved out). I own a house with a big backyard, but live in town. I’m a brand-new hobbyist. I was trying to learn how to cast small bits for a project, and while researching DIY foundries, I discovered forges instead. My interests lie more in making tools, hooks, simple strap hinges and brackets for my woodworking projects, and so forth. I’ll bang out the occasional knife, probably. So far, my forge is a hole in the ground with a few common bricks around it — but I’ll be posting a thread in the Solid Fuel section here in a bit, because I’d like to ask for suggestions on how to build my next one. I’ve done a fair bit of lurking already, and learned some valuable stuff. Glad to be here! Edit: I guess I should add that I’ve made one thing — a simple rebar knife. I did that to get an easy win starting out, and to see if I like it. I’ll probably use rebar a bit to begin with. It’s lousy metal, but I have a fair bit of it around, and I guess it’ll be useful for learning to square, draw out, bend, etc.
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