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  1. how often would I have to crank it so it dosnt go out? would I have to shorten the time at the anvil or just not take long breaks
  2. Hey guys, I've been doing a lot of research on the topic but haven't come up with much. So my question is, Will my buffaloe 210 hand crank provide a sufficient amount of air to keep coke burning? Thanks, Sam
  3. Has anyone had any luck with this coal? http://www.hardwarestore.com/blacksmith-coal-101755.aspx looks like it might be pretty good.
  4. How did you bolt that on neg? did you just drill holes into the brackets on the bottom of the blower?
  5. hey guys, in the process of building a forge just wondering how much charcoal ill be going through in about an hour, Im gonna be using a 10x8 inch fire pot thats 6 inched deep and mostly working with 1/2 inch stock at regular forging heat and Im using homemade pine charcoal. just thought I would get this up here seeing as I couldnt find much on this topic. If anybody can help it would be much appreciated thanks, sam
  6. hey guys, I've been looking around the web for A recommendation for the depth of a charcoal fire pot but I came up with nothin so I came here, now I'll mostly be working with small 1/4-1/2 inch stock and be using home made pine charcoal so If anybody can tell me what depth they recommend I'm all ears. thanks in advance, sam
  7. thanks guys i'll try to check out both bish and j&d and get back to you with the results thanks again, Sam
  8. unless you have a power hammer that is going to be ALOT of work and the steel is probally not that great just my 2 cents
  9. but if anyone knows of somthin a little closer that would be nice
  10. hey guys, I've been searching for a scrap yard that sells scrap to the public here near raleigh but have found nothing ,just wondering if you guys know of any. thanks, Sam
  11. I agree with everyone I started out with a stage weight and it worked great so just use any big chunk of steal with a flat surface heck you can even use a large rock. good luck, Sam
  12. hi, Im in the prosses of building a stand for my buffalo 210(?) and was wondering how tall the original stands were thanks, Sam
  13. wow thanks everyone who posted here this thread helped alot I will soon be posting a thread of me restoring my 210.
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