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  1. are you able to sell knives on here? and if so what thread
  2. well here is what i was thinking, i have an old 3lb sledge, i was gonna flatsand the face and weld a piece of mildsteel and then heat the whole thing, while its is welded and superquench it or maybe just cast harden it, then after since it is brittle from the powder and water put it in an oven for 2, 2 hour times at 400 degrees so soften it up so it wont be very brittle, does that sound right or is there another safety measure i should do
  3. checkout braselforge on youtube i make a rr spike kukri im giving away for a contest that ends on the 12th
  4. francus trez cole that is what i was thinking of doing, do u need to anneal the hammer to weld it? and the welded steel does it need to be hardened
  5. ive been seing flatter hammers on ebay and they are like 100 dollars, i have lots of hammers that are just laying around, maybe convert them to a huge square face from welding maybe? i was just wondering how
  6. samcro i posted the hydraulic press under presses and this under hammers, so it would be under the right one
  7. i agree with u guys, i seen this http://www.knivesplus.com/minihydraulicpress.html and am wondering if i shud attempt to try this, and all the stuff not mentioned, like the psi levens so it doesnet blow up and stuff, like how to use it because ive never uses a bottle jack, especially a air compressed one
  8. is it possible to build a hydraulic forging press for under 200 dollars, a mini one, like this picture, because i dont got much room?
  9. i was wondering if it is possible to build a powerhammer(preferably not very huge, i dont have the room) or a hydraulic press for under 200 dollars, and if so where to possibly get the plans, or where a tutorial is. much appreciated if you could help, been wantin to make some damascus, il post a pic of the ones i was thinking of (size comparason)
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