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  1. Im shocked these videos only have a few hundred views each. Spread the word , possibly give this a sticky. part 1 out of many. link removed Commercial add, plus usefull information has already been covered in the IFI knife chat.
  2. So I'm looking to build a charcoal forge. Specifically charcoal and not coal. I have heard there are differences in design between them. Like side blast instead of bottom blast. What are some tips and guidelines for a forge I can build for general blacksmithing and knife smithing.
  3. What epoxy do you use? I have this milliput stuff that is pretty popular in the scale model community. Not sure if i should run out for a better alternative.
  4. Yes i read the stickies and own all of the J hrisoulas books as well as nearly all of the other knifemaking books in print. As for being all over the place I dont see why that is a problem. I like to gather as much information as possible on processes im using and processes i might use in the future. Its how I learn things. I dont like your attitude for a moderator BTW. Telling new posters they "wonder why nobody answers you anymore" is frankly pretty rude and stuck up. If I were spamming the forum with nonsense like "how du i mayk nife?" that would be one thing but im not. Im asking specific questions about specific processes that are not covered in any of the stickies or knifemaking classes (that just started BTW).
  5. that is completely and utterly ingenious. I am literally speechless right now. My workload just went from nightmare to XXXXXXXXX , thank you SOOO much.
  6. What are the best ways to do this? It seems so easy going into it then you realize that its not easy at all. My harbor freight drill seems to "bend" out of alignment when pressure is applied , and i dont think my needle files are doing very good job of squaring up the hole. What are the best techniques to do this or am I doing it right but it just takes a long time?
  7. Can anybody recommend me some good flex shaft motor tools for this purpose? I have a battery powered dremel and its a nightmare :(
  8. totally agree but I'm not sure where the best place to buy it from to make sure he gets the money and not a third party. And I'm asking for more resources because more is better
  9. wait never mind it's there in another post. Any more stuff
  10. http://www.amazon.com/Sculpting-David-Broadwell-Techniques-Texturing/dp/B001II9YH8 I found this DVD online and was incredibly interested in this process but can find no information online about it. Are there resources that I don't know about that cover this technique ?
  11. Right now I'm having trouble putting a good consistent edge on my knives. And shaping them is becoming a chore with my equipment. Right now the only real power tools I'm using are a cheap 7 inch angle grinder and a Ryobi belt sander flipped upside down. I'm worried about both because they are sloppy and really heat up the metal. Can somebody explain to me what I need to invest in if I want to start making edges that are good enough to sell? I have seen these multi wheel belt sanders but it seems like it would be too expensive. Am I wrong? Could these be made cheaply . Like under 500 dollars? I did see a buffer/knife grinder combo from grizzly that looks like a Kalamazoo. What is the difference between a two wheel system and a 3 or 4 wheel system? Or is all I really need a wet wheel grinder?
  12. Thanks. Any guidelines for price or how I should determine price with materials vs labor? Also I know that filet knives are thinner. What flat stock should I use?
  13. I know a general chef knife but what else? I'm selling them in a block. If 3 is too little what number of knives would be sufficient ?
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