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  1. I get coil springs, sway bars and broken timing chains from a mechanic friend of mine. You might try asking around sometimes mechanics don't like the hassle of messing about with scrap steel.
  2. One thing I did find out is instead of kitty litter you can use pond sealer for the clay. They are both bentonite but the pond sealer is already a very fine powder. Its a little more cost but well worth it I think.
  3. I built this same forge but I used a different mix for the adobe. I don't remember it exactly but you can find it on backyard metal casting. Sand, clay, portland cement and perlite. I even made bricks out of this mix and sit them on top of the forge when I need to melt small quantities of al for casting. You will be surprised how light the bricks are and the fire does not seem to touch them. I use homemade charcoal in mine but have used lump and briquettes. Lump seems to work best.
  4. Inventory control foreman in a cold storage warehouse in Missouri.
  5. Thanks alot for the help guys. I guess I have a good supply of medium carbon steel to play with lol.
  6. Thanks Pete. After more searching yesterday I did find a site that sells new tines for the forklifts we have at work. All the site said was they were high carbon heat treated steel.
  7. I have been given several forklift tines (Blades). I was wondering if anyone knows what kind of steel this is. I have googled without much luck.
  8. Nice work. I like the way the twist work out.
  9. Beautiful work. Welcome and looking forward to seeing more.
  10. Thanks for the help guys. I'm glad I found a forum with such helpful people. sstreckfuss I live in Carthage, about 16 miles from Joplin.
  11. I hope this is not a silly question but, here it is. Does anyone know where a wannabe smith could possible buy some coal in Missouri? It is depressing to wait for a train to go by and count 53 cars full of something that you can't buy. Everyone I have asked looks at me like a monkey doing a math problem and says they have no idea. Help, please.
  12. Just wanted to stop lurking in the shadows of wisdom and introduce myself. My name is John and I live in Missouri, U.S. I hope to meet some new friends here and maybe learn a thing or two.